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The Rare Breed (1966) was a Action - Drama Film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and produced by William Alland.

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1960s Twin Bill: "The Rare Breed" and "Blackbeard's Ghost"

By Rick29 on Jan 31, 2013 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

James Stewart. The Rare Breed With the exception of The Flight of the Phoenix, James Stewart didn't get a lot of worthy roles in the 1960s. He was in his mid-fifties when the decade began, so instead of his typical romantic leads and loner heroes, he played a lot of patriarchs in lukewarm fare lik... Read full article

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Sam Burnett: Well, I didn't break anything. I just clipped my pride, I guess.
Jeff Harter: That seems to hurt worse than anything, don't it, Sam?

Hilary Price: How are you getting along with Vindicator, Mr. Burnett?
Sam Burnett: We're not gettin' along with him at all. He's a useless hunk of gristle and besides, he's lyin' on my blanket.

Alexander Bowen: You shut your gob, woman! Out here, it's Alexander Bowen what gives the orders and you womenfolk listen to what I have to say. Is that clear to ya?
[Martha slaps Bowen's face, Burnett cracks up at the sight]
Martha Evans: You pompous, foul-smelling tyrant! I want that boy moved where he can be looked after.

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Also directed by Andrew McLaglen

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Also produced by William Alland

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Also released in 1966

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