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The Purchase Price (1932) was a Drama - Comedy Film directed by William A. Wellman .

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The Purchase Price (1932, William A. Wellman)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jan 20, 2019 From The Stop Button

For most of its seventy-ish minute run time, The Purchase Price does really well with the way it does summary. It does so well it never even seems possible the film?s just going to welch on everything in the third act? but rather unfortunately, it does. The big problem is how the film?specifically R... Read full article

Pre-Code Crazy: The Purchase Price (1932)

By shadowsandsatin on Mar 3, 2016 From Shadows and Satin

I have to be honest ? my Pre-Code Crazy pick for this month, The Purchase Price (1932), is not exactly one of those films that makes me all ga-ga and gooey inside. But while I can?t say that I count it among my favorite pre-Codes, it does star Barbara Stanwyck and, really, what else do you need? (Al... Read full article

Barbara Stanwyck double feature! The Purchase Price (1932) and Night Nurse (1931)

By Lindsey on Feb 5, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

Watched February 4, 2012 The Purchase Price (1932) and Night Nurse (1931): 4/5 for both I really enjoyed both of these films, and mostly because of the great performances by Barbara Stanwyck. I’ve watched quite a few of her films this year, and I’m becoming a huge fan! Here are my though... Read full article

The Purchase Price (1932)

By Judy on Jan 16, 2010 From Movie Classics

In interviews with William Wellman included in the Forbidden Hollywood Collection Volume 3 box set, he suggests that he sometimes had problems working with actresses, recalling arguments with some of his leading ladies when he refused to let them look glamorous. (To be fair, he also mentions falling... Read full article

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Quotes from

Joan Gordon, aka Francine La Rue: I've been up and down Broadway since I was fifteen years old. I'm fed up with hoofing in shows. I'm sick of night clubs, hustlers, bootleggers, chislers, and smart guys. I've heard all the questions and I know all the answers. And I've kept myself... fairly respectable through it all. The whole atmosphere of this street gives me a high-powered headache. I've got a chance to breathe something else, and boy, I'm grabbing it.
Eddie 'Ed' Fields: Pick up the marbles, hon, you win.
Joan Gordon, aka Francine La Rue: [Hands him some jewelry] By the way, here's a couplea trinkets I want to return to you. Might as well do it now.
Eddie 'Ed' Fields: Sure you don't want to keep this hardware?
Joan Gordon, aka Francine La Rue: Positive.
[Reaches into a drawer, takes out a key, and hands it to him]
Eddie 'Ed' Fields: All through playing house?
Joan Gordon, aka Francine La Rue: All through, Eddie. Thanks.
Eddie 'Ed' Fields: Well, so long kid. It was swell while it lasted.
Joan Gordon, aka Francine La Rue: [Almost smiling, softly] Yeah.
[Eddie turns and leaves]

Eddie 'Ed' Fields: Ya daffy little tahmata, I'm bugs about ya. I'd marry ya myself, if I wasn't already married.

Eddie 'Ed' Fields: Say, when a guy like him marries a doll like you, I'll kiss your... foot... in Macy's window at high noon.

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Facts about

The blood during the fight between the two male leads was real.
During the wheat-burning scene a stand-in was used instead of Barbara Stanwyck, but she didn't think the stand-in acted as the character so Stanwyck decided to play it herself. This resulted in her getting some burns on her legs, but she never complained.
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