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The Painted Desert (1931) was a Western - Black-and-white Film directed by Howard Higgin .

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The Painted Desert

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Bill Holbrook: Mary Ellen, look out there across the desert. As far as you can see, way off there in the distance... you see those big lonesome pinnacles? When I was a little boy, I used to lie out there evenings, watching the shadows pass over 'em. I used to imagine they were all sorts of things... dragons fighting... giants lying there sleeping... and great big monsters that might come down after it got dark and get me.
Mary Ellen Cameron: [giggle] I know. I used to think that way, too.
Bill Holbrook: You got over it, though.
Mary Ellen Cameron: Over it? Sure! As soon as I knew what they really was - just big rocks.
Bill Holbrook: But before that, you were a little bit afraid of them, weren't you?
Mary Ellen Cameron: Yes, I was.
Bill Holbrook: Well, it's just like that with folks. A way off in the distance of your mind there's a terrible man called Cash Holbrook. To you, he's been one of those awful monsters you used to imagine. But I've been up close to him - in the daylight - and to me, he's been a kind man... and mighty good.

Rance Brett: Miss, I'm from Montana and I'm headin' New Mexico way.
Jeff Cameron: What was your name in Montana?
Rance Brett: Brett - same as here! And I'm headin' New Mexico way. At least I was
[glances at Mary Ellen]
Rance Brett: while I had a horse.

[Cash and Jeff rescue a baby from a deserted wagon]
Cash Holbrook: What have we got that'll feed his gizzard? He can't chaw jerky!
Jeff Cameron: Aw, you don't know nothin'. There's oatmeal gruel and a mite of bacon grease'll see him through.

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William Boyd and Clark Gable, during the making of the film (11 October 1930), narrowly escaped serious injury from falling rock after two tons of explosives went off with considerably more force than planned in Dinosaur Canyon, some 70 miles northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona. While Boyd and Gable were 200 feet from the blast, rocks and boulders rained down between where they were standing. Not so lucky were a number of technicians, some 15 of whom were taken to hospitals in Flagstaff and Tuba City, and director Howard Higgin, who suffered a broken ankle and various cuts. The female lead, Helen Twelvetrees, had already returned to Los Angeles, as most of the principal photography was completed. Dynamite and black powder had been placed in the face of a 400-foot cliff and in an old mine tunnel, the explosion being expected to crumble the cliff. Unexpected presence of hard rock lent the blast violence that had not been anticipated, and showered rock and stone over an area of nearly half a mile.
Clark Gable's talkie debut
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