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The Night They Raided Minsky's Overview:

The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968) was a Comedy Film directed by William Friedkin and produced by Norman Lear and George Justin.

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Jacob Schpitendavel: I need your help, Louis Minsky. My daughter will not be welcome in my home if she stays the night to dance upon your son's stage. There is a train in 51 minutes. You must tell your son to see she is on it.
Louis Minsky: You see this chair? Tell it to dance. See if it listens. That's how much my Billy listens to me.

Jacob Schpitendavel: Whore! To stand thus so prideful, with thy, thy protuberances. How thou dost shame me.

Jacob Schpitendavel: I do not know, Louis Minsky, if we pray to the same God.
Louis Minsky: We must. Only a God who could tolerate me, could possibly tolerate you.

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Facts about

Burlesque legend Joey Faye was stand-in for the incomplete scenes of Bert Lahr, who passed away during filming.
Bert Lahr's part was intended to be larger, but the actor died during filming.
The first cut of the film was considered disastrous by all involved. Editor Ralph Rosenblum worked for more than a year to save it, with director William Friedkin long gone. The extensive use of period film clips was Rosenblum's idea. The technique of returning from these clips to the movie by starting with a black-and-white version of a shot and changing to color was invented accidentally when the editor's assistant couldn't find the color copy of a piece of film fast enough.
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