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The Loves of Carmen Overview:

The Loves of Carmen (1948) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Charles Vidor and produced by Rita Hayworth and Charles Vidor.

Academy Awards 1948 --- Ceremony Number 21 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographyWilliam SnyderNominated

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Quotes from

Carmen García: I knew you would be a nuisance. I said it! You and your tiresome regrets. And your weeping about something that's already over and done with. Take your payo conscience and make some woman a present of it. I tell you I'm sick of it!
Don José Lizarabengoa: It'd be well if you borrowed some of my conscience because you have none of your own.
Carmen García: You wouldn't love me nearly so much if I had a conscience, Joseíto.
Don José Lizarabengoa: [Sarcastically] That's a wonderful excuse. To say, "I'm a Gypsy and I don't know right from wrong."
Carmen García: [She kisses him] I don't know, Joseíto. Tell me. What is right? What is wrong?
[She kisses him again]
Carmen García: Is that wrong, little soldier?

Don José Lizarabengoa: [begging for her love on his knees] I lost everything. I gave it all up for you! But I don't mind. I'm not sorry - only please, please don't leave me!
Carmen García: [with complete contempt] Like a worm - cut him in half and he still crawls!

Don José Lizarabengoa: [Accuses Carmen of having an affair] It's Lucas the matador now, is that it?
Carmen García: What difference does it make?
Don José Lizarabengoa: Answer me!
Carmen García: Yes! Yes! Now are you satisfied? And why not? I like to laugh once in a while. And what've I had with you? Nothing but tears and preaching and long faces. I can't live penned up in a cage. I won't! I'm sick of it. Can't you understand? I'm sick of you! Now get away and leave me alone!
Don José Lizarabengoa: [He clutches her] Carmen, don't leave me. Don't leave me, I love you so much.
[He kisses her repeatedly]
Don José Lizarabengoa: See how much I love you. You're all I have left in the world, little Carmen. I gave it all up for you. But I don't mind.
[He gets on his knees, hanging on her]
Don José Lizarabengoa: I'm not sorry. Only please, please, don't leave me.

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Facts about

Rita Hayworth's middle name is Carmen.
Rita Hayworth's brother, Vernon Cansino, played one of the Dragoon soldiers that helps Don Jose escort her to prison.
Rita Hayworth's father, Eduardo Cansino, worked as a choreographer on the film.
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Best Cinematography Oscar 1948

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Also produced by Rita Hayworth

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