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The Loves of Carmen (1948) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Charles Vidor and produced by Rita Hayworth and Charles Vidor.

Academy Awards 1948 --- Ceremony Number 21 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographyWilliam SnyderNominated

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Andrés: [the colonel walks passed, and Carmen eyes him] Must you roll your eyes at every man? Even the colonel?
Carmen García: Such an important man might be very useful if he - My eyes are my own to send where I please. Must I tell you again? No one tells Carmen's eyes where to go or how to behave but Carmen.

Pablo: [They are in the middle of robbing a stagecoach] We have company.
Don José Lizarabengoa: [Carmen comes over and takes a man's watch] What are you doing here? I told you I want you to stay away from this!
Carmen García: I was bored! I won't sit on my haunches and wait for you like the wife of a payo, stirring a pot of stew. I've been my own woman and a Gypsy too long, my friend.
Don José Lizarabengoa: I told you to leave these matters to me. I want no more of this.
Carmen García: You told me you wanted no more. I'm not your slave. I'm Carmen and nobody tells me what to do, I do as I please. If you're ashamed of what I am, find another woman. Get yourself a payo wife! You and your payo honor. I spit on your honor!
Don José Lizarabengoa: [She spits at him] Get back to camp.
Carmen García: I always used to ride with García.
Don José Lizarabengoa: I'm not García.
Carmen García: No, you're not. In many ways, you're not.

Dancaire: [about José and Carmen getting married] You will be a fine pair, you two. Payo and Gypsy, the tame and the untamed, the dog and wolf. Dog and wolf weren't created to live together. It won't work, Navarrés. You'll see.

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Facts about

Rita Hayworth's brother, Vernon Cansino, played one of the Dragoon soldiers that helps Don Jose escort her to prison.
Rita Hayworth's father, Eduardo Cansino, worked as a choreographer on the film.
Rita Hayworth's middle name is Carmen.
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Best Cinematography Oscar 1948

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Also directed by Charles Vidor

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Also produced by Rita Hayworth

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