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The Loves of Carmen (1948) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Charles Vidor and produced by Rita Hayworth and Charles Vidor.

Academy Awards 1948 --- Ceremony Number 21 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographyWilliam SnyderNominated

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Quotes from

Carmen García: [a bride and groom just walk out of a church]
[to Jose]
Carmen García: Look at them. The bride. They paide their last peseta to get rid of her. But it was worth it. The bride. She'll hate him, but she'll cling to him like a leach. There's a payo wife for you. And the fine groom. In a week, he will be beating her. There's a payo marriage for you.
Woman with Broom: [a woman was listening on the stairs] Shut up, you! You talk that way because nobody would marry a Gypsy like you.
Carmen García: No? I could marry any man in Seville I wanted to. But I'd rather be dead, do you hear? I'd rather be dead than be the stale wife of a spiritless payo!
[the wedding party passes, and Carmen calls out to the groom]
Carmen García: Ah, Manuelito! Remember me, little pig of a payo? I told you she'd catch you! Little estúpido!
[the bride tries to go over and fight Carmen, but her husband holds her back. And Carmen throws an orange at her]

Don José Lizarabengoa: [Last lines of the movie] You're not going to get away with it, Carmen. Not this time, you're not. I'll kill him, do you hear? I'll kill him!
Carmen García: What would that settle? You killed two men who loved me. And for what?
Don José Lizarabengoa: Then I'll kill you, you black-hearted witch! I'll kill you.
Carmen García: I used to think you would, but I don't anymore. You're not man enough! Now get out of my way!
Don José Lizarabengoa: [He holds onto her arm] For the last time, are you coming back with me?
Carmen García: Don't hang on. I can't stand to have anyone hang on to me!
Don José Lizarabengoa: [He pulls out his knife] Answer me!
Carmen García: No, no, no, no, NO!

Andrés: [Sees Carmen standing by a cart, and runs over to her] Carmencita! Carmencita! Carmen, I've been looking for two days for you. For two days, Carmen, I inquired at the factory and you were absent. You weren't at Lillas Pastia's. What have you been doing?
Carmen García: Sunning myself.

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Facts about

Rita Hayworth's middle name is Carmen.
Rita Hayworth's father, Eduardo Cansino, worked as a choreographer on the film.
Rita Hayworth's brother, Vernon Cansino, played one of the Dragoon soldiers that helps Don Jose escort her to prison.
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Best Cinematography Oscar 1948

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