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The Long, Hot Summer (1958) was a Drama - Film Adaptation Film directed by Martin Ritt and produced by Jerry Wald.

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Cinemascope Blogathon: The Long, Hot Summer

By Emily on Mar 12, 2015 From The Vintage Cameo

This post is part of the Cinemascope Blogathon, hosted by Wide Screen World and Classic Becky Brain Food. More widescreen goodness continues through March 16th?check out the whole schedule here! The Long, Hot Summer is a sticky Southern drama based on a combination of works by William Faulkner. It&#... Read full article

"The Long, Hot Summer"...the TV Series!

By Rick29 on May 23, 2013 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

Ah, the wonder of YouTube! I vaguely remember my parents watching a mid-1960s TV series based on the 1958 Paul Newman-Joanne Woodward hit The Long, Hot Summer. But since the show--which lasted just one season--quickly faded into obscurity, I figured it would never be released on video. Then, one nig... Read full article

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Alan Stewart: My people have stood off Indians, Yankees, carpetbaggers. The least they could expect of me is to stand up to a Varner.

Ben: I can see my white shirt and my black tie and my Sunday manners didn't fool you for a minute. Well, that's right, ma'am, I'm a menace to the countryside. All a man's gotta do is just look at me sideways and his house goes up in fire. And here I am, living right here in the middle of your peaceable little town, right in your back yard, you might say. Guess that ought to keep you awake at night.

Will Varner: The man that built this place, his name's forgotten. This was his dream and his pride. Now it's dust. Must be a moral there somewhere.

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Facts about

Director Martin Ritt was forever known after this movie as the man who tamed Orson Welles. During filming Ritt drove Welles into the middle of a swamp, kicked him out of the car and forced him to find his own way back.
Oscar Levant said about Producer Jerry Wald, "He suddenly became involved with Faulkner. He'd buy a Faulkner property and that turgid, incomprehensible prose was on one occasion transformed into " The Long, Hot Summer." In that picture Orson Welles played a "big daddy" type of role. Sometimes he was inaudible - Those were his best moments."
The title song "The Long Hot Summer" was a hit single for Jimmie Rodgers who had a peak year in 1958 with 7 consecutive hit recordings.
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