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The Little Colonel (1935) was a Comedy - Family Film directed by David Butler and produced by Buddy G. DeSylva.

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The Little Colonel Meets Poe: Henry B. Walthall at Essanay: The Chicago Silent Era (Part 5)

By Janelle Vreeland on May 27, 2014 From Classic Movie Hub Blog

The Little Colonel Meets Poe: Henry B. Walthall at Essanay Henry B. Walthall is widely remembered today for his performance as The Little Colonel in D.W. Griffith?s controversial ?The Birth of a Nation,? and for his work under Griffith at the Biograph company. What often gets overlooked and forgotte... Read full article

The Little Colonel (1935)

By Beatrice on May 23, 2013 From Flickers in Time

The Little Colonel Directed by David Butler 1935/USA Fox Film Corporation Repeat viewing This Shirley Temple film is memorable for a couple of fantastic tap dance sequences with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and a choral number at an African-American baptism. It is 1870′s Kentucky. ?... Read full article

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Swazey: Why, Jack, old partner! What's happened to you?
Jack Sherman: I've been very ill.
Swazey: Gee, that's too bad. Anything we can do? Maybe when you find out what we've come for, you'll feel better. When we sold you that land, we did it in good faith. We thought there was gold and plenty on it, and then we went off to California. On our way back, we stopped to see how you were faring, and we found out what had happened. Partner, we felt bad. Didn't we?
Hull: That's right.
Swazey: Now we'll prove we're honest. We made a long trip to find you to give you back your money.
Jack Sherman: You did, did you?
Swazey: Why, I couldn't sleep again if I thought you'd lost money. All we ask is that you hand over the deed to the property, and we'll pay you what you paid us, fair and square.
Jack Sherman: That's very kind and generous of you. Now be kind enough to get out of my house! You found out my land was valuable and the railroad wanted it, and I found out what kind of men you are. Now get out!
Swazey: Now partner, we came here to make an honest business deal for that deed. But if you're going to get rough about it, we'll have to get it another way.

Jeremy Higgins, Union-Pacific representative: Do you have the deed here?
Jack Sherman: It's at my bank.
Jeremy Higgins, Union-Pacific representative: Well, you bring it here, and I'll have a check for you. That's the way the Union-Pacific does business!
Jack Sherman: This is more cure than all the medicine. I'm well again!
Elizabeth Lloyd Sherman: Oh no, you're not! You just stay right here.
Jack Sherman: The best part of it is, we won't have to ask your father for anything, and he can't laugh at me for being a failure! Darling, you go to the bank. I'll give you a note to take to Mr. Jennings. You bring back all the papers I left there. The deed is with them.
Elizabeth Lloyd Sherman: Oh, it's almost too good to be true!

Aunt Sally Tyler: Can that be Lloyd that Becky is carrying?
Miss Lloyd Sherman: Hello, Mother! How do you do, Aunt Sally Tyler?
Aunt Sally Tyler: How do you do, dear?
Elizabeth Lloyd Sherman: Where have you been?
Miss Lloyd Sherman: I've been to see my grandfather, and I threw mud on him.
Elizabeth Lloyd Sherman: You threw mud on him?
Miss Lloyd Sherman: Yes, because he poked me with a stick. Then I got mad and he got mad, and we hollered at each other.
Elizabeth Lloyd Sherman: Oh baby, how could you disgrace Mother by going over there looking like a dirty little beggar?
Miss Lloyd Sherman: I didn't beg him for anything.
Elizabeth Lloyd Sherman: You've been a very naughty girl, and you're going to be punished. Becky, take her inside. Give her a bath and put her to bed.
Becky Porter: Yes'm.
Elizabeth Lloyd Sherman: Oh, I'm terribly upset. I wouldn't for worlds have him think I encouraged her in going there.

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Nyanza Potts was so nervous about acting with Shirley Temple that he often missed his cues and forgot his lines. Temple took him aside and helped him rehearse, and afterward, no longer nervous around her, Potts performed perfectly.
To market the movie, the original book by Anne Fellows Johnston was re-printed by the A.L. Burt Co. Called "the Shirley Temple Edition", the book contained nearly a dozen photos from the movie, including a production still of Shirley siting on Lionel Barrymore's lap while wearing a costume not featured in the film.
This movie features Shirley Temple's famous "staircase dance" with Bill Robinson.
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