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The Lady Gambles (1949) was a Drama - Film Noir Film directed by Michael Gordon and produced by Michael Kraike.

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By Crystal Kalyana on Nov 1, 2015 From In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood

Below is my second entry for?the ?Universal Pictures Blogathon? hosted by Silver Scenes. Click here?to read the other posts being exhibited during this event. Universal Pictures is a leading production company in Hollywood that are best known for their classic horror films from the 1930’s. Si... Read full article

The Lady Gambles (1949)

By Dawn on May 11, 2010 From Noir and Chick Flicks

The Lady Gambles(1949). Drama. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Preston. In Chicago, after Joan is caught with loaded dice during a craps game, she is severely beaten by the men she was cheating. Arriving at the hospital Joan's estranged husband, David Boothe, shares her story with the doctor who ... Read full article

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David Boothe: Have you ever been in Las Vegas?
Dr. Rojac: Where?
David Boothe: Right in the middle of the Nevada desert you bump into a cockeyed oasis. It's a wide-open, 24-hour-a- day carnival that lives off three things - quick marriages, quick divorces, quick money, won and lost. $3 billion changed hands across the gambling table in Nevada last year, 3 billion. Those are the state's official figures and why not? Everybody likes to gamble. It's fun for most people, but for some people, it's a trap. It grabs down deep and won't let go.

David Boothe: [to Joan standing atop the Hoover Dam] They tell me there's never been a single suicide off here, yet back in Chicago they drop off those high buildings like flies.

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"Screen Director's Playhouse" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie on December 14, 1950 with Barbara Stanwyck and Stephen McNally reprising their film roles.
The scene where Corrigan (Steven McNally) tells the girls "No-one uses my first name....because it's Horace" could well have been an in-joke as Steven McNally's birth name was Horace Vincent McNally.
Hours before Howard Unruh went on a shooting rampage that eventually killed 13 people, he told police interrogators he planned his crime while watching the double feature "The Lady Gambles/"I Cheated the Law" three times in a Philadelphia theater. He claimed Barbara Stanwyck's character reminded him of one of his intended victims. The horrendous crime took place in Camden, N.J. 6 September 1949.
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