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The Green Berets (1968) was a Action - Drama Film directed by Mervyn LeRoy and Ray Kellogg and produced by Michael Wayne.

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Sergeant Muldoon: [after seeing him in non-military issued pajamas] Peterson, I worry about you. Three tours of duty and you're still acting like a civilian!
Sgt. Petersen: Muldoon, I'm not a Marine. I believe in my comfort!

Sybil Sutton: It's strange that we've never read of this in the newspapers.
Sergeant Muldoon: Well... that's newspapers for you, ma'am. You could fill volumes with what you don't read in them."

George Beckworth: Petersen, what was all that talk about the enemy building ladders and coffins?
Sgt. Petersen: Well, when Charlie knows he's got a nice box to be buried in, he's just as brave as hell.
George Beckworth: What about the ladders?
Sgt. Petersen: They throw the ladders across the wire to get at us. And later on, they use them for litters to stack on and carry away the dead bodies.
George Beckworth: Later on... you mean after everybody's dead?
Sgt. Petersen: Yes, everybody. Men... women... and children. Everybody.

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Some of the "Vietnamese village" sets were so realistic they were left intact, and were later used by the Army for training troops destined for Vietnam.
George Takei missed working on the "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode of the original Star Trek series to work on this movie.
Scenes were filmed with Vera Miles as John Wayne's wife but they were cut before release by the studio. Wayne made up for this by casting Miles in his next film Hellfighters.
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