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The Green Berets Overview:

The Green Berets (1968) was a Action - Drama Film directed by Mervyn LeRoy and Ray Kellogg and produced by Michael Wayne.

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Quotes from

Colonel Mike Kirby: What are you going to say in that newspaper of yours about us in Vietnam?
George Beckworth: If I say what I feel, I may be out of a job.

George Beckworth: How do you know we should be fighting for this present government of South Vietnam? They have no constitution. They haven't had any free elections. And six months ago, a committee was appointed to form a constitution... and still no constitution.
Sergeant Muldoon: The school I went to, Mr. Beckworth, taught us that the thirteen colonies, with proper and educated leadership, all with the same goal in mind, AFTER the Revolutionary War, took from 1776 to 1787, eleven years of peaceful effort, before they came up with a paper that all thirteen colonies would sign... our present Constitution.
[the audience applauds]
George Beckworth: That's very good, Sergeant. But there are still a lot of people who believe that this is simply a war between the Vietnamese people! It's their war, let's let them handle it.
Sergeant Muldoon: Let them handle it, Mr. Beckworth?
[Points to a collection of weapons]
Sergeant Muldoon: Captured weaponry.
[as Muldoon takes the weapons from the board, he names them, then drops them on the table in front of Beckworth]
Sergeant Muldoon: From Red China: Chicom K-50 sub-machine gun... Chinese communist! SKS Soviet-made semi-automatic carbine rifle... Russian communist! Ammunition, Czechoslovakian-made... Czech communist! No sir, Mr. Beckworth! It doesn't take a lead weight to fall on me or a hit from one of those weapons to recognize that what's involved here is communist domination of the world!

Sergeant Muldoon: [after seeing him in non-military issued pajamas] Peterson, I worry about you. Three tours of duty and you're still acting like a civilian!
Sgt. Petersen: Muldoon, I'm not a Marine. I believe in my comfort!

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Facts about

Scenes were filmed with Vera Miles as John Wayne's wife but they were cut before release by the studio. Wayne made up for this by casting Miles in his next film Hellfighters.
WILHELM SCREAM: As enemy soldiers are thrown into the air by an exploding grenade.
Much of the film was shot in 1967 at Ft. Benning, Georgia, hence the large pine forests in the background rather than tropical jungle trees.
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