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The Grass Is Greener (1960) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by Stanley Donen and produced by Stanley Donen and James H. Ware.

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The Grass is Greener (1960)

By Lindsey on Oct 20, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

(Image via socket79 @ Tumblr) Victor (Cary Grant) and Hilary Rhyall (Deborah Kerr) are well-bred English folk who live in a huge estate. Unfortunately, they’ve fallen into a bit of a financial crisis, leading them to open the historic home up to the public for tours. Though their home is, in e... Read full article

Cinema Shame: The Grass is Greener (1960)

By Raquel Stecher on Nov 30, -0001 From Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog

Anyone who knows me knows I love Robert Mitchum. He's my favorite actor. Bar none. So why did it take me so long to watch him in The Grass is Greener (1960)? Well I was getting around to it. It's been on my to-be-watched list for years. There aren't many Mitchum comedies so maybe I was saving this f... Read full article

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Trevor Sellers, the Butler: I wonder if I might have a word with you Mylord.
Victor Rhyall, Earl: So do I, so we're both probably right. Now what's the matter, Sellers?
Trevor Sellers, the Butler: As I told you Mylord, I haven't any work to do.
Victor Rhyall, Earl: What about your novel, why aren't you working at that?
Trevor Sellers, the Butler: I'm stuck badly. Nearly tore the whole thing up last night.
Victor Rhyall, Earl: Oh now now, you mustn't do that! What's the trouble?
Trevor Sellers, the Butler: Almost certainly the basic trouble is myself. I'm fundamentally happy and contented. That's bad enough of course. But on top of that, I'm normal. And that's fatal.
Victor Rhyall, Earl: Oh. You mean you prefer to be unhappy and abnormal.
Trevor Sellers, the Butler: Of course! You see, I want to be a success, and to be a success, one must at least start off by being modern. And like yourself Mylord, I'm not. It means I have no feeling of insecurity or frustration. No despair.
Victor Rhyall, Earl: And that's essential?
Trevor Sellers, the Butler: The first essential! I feel perfectly contented, really rather blameless and hardly resent anything at all!
Victor Rhyall, Earl: Well, you are in a pickle, aren't you? Well now, you must have known all that when you gave up teaching to become a writer! You answered my advertisement for a butler, and when I asked you what your qualifications were you said you had a degree in science. Now in spite of such a ludicrous recommendation I engaged you, partly because you told me you wanted to write a novel. Luckily you turned out very well. Now why don't you go back to your typewriter and take another crack at this, Sellers, might do you good. You might feel better now!

Victor Rhyall, Earl: Well then, so long, be seeing you, as you say in America.
Charles Delacro: Cheerio, as you say in Britain.

Charles Delacro: Sometimes I'm convinced that the greatest barrier between our countries is the bond of a common language.

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Third of four movies that paired Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum.
Originally Cary Grant turned down the role of Victor. Afterwards the role was subsequently offered to his friend Rex Harrison and he accepted. However right before production began, Harrison's wife fell gravely ill and he was forced to leave the production in order to tend to her. Grant, out of respect for cast and crew, and to keep the filming running according to schedule, decided then to finally take the part.
Cary Grant refused to wear a smoking jacket for one scene, believing that if the audience saw him dressed that way they would immediately lose sympathy with his character. The director later said that a type of old-fashioned comedy died that day.
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