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The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969) was a Comedy - Western Film directed by Burt Kennedy and produced by Robert Goldstein.

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The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969)

By Raquel Stecher on Mar 23, 2013 From Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys (1969) is a Western and the last film produced by the independent outfit Robert Goldstein Productions. The film was directed by Burt Kennedy and features a wonderful cast including Robert Mitchum, George Kennedy, both David and John Carradine and Martin Balsam. Other n... Read full article

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Mayor Wilker: [talking about the plan to stop the train] Why don't you take McKay here with you?
Flagg: He's one of 'em!
Mary: No he isn't... not any more... are you, Mr. McKay?
McKay: No, ma'am... not after they shot Grundy...

McKay: You got a privy out back?
Flagg: The name of this town is Progress - there's one inside.
McKay: *In*side?
Flagg: Yeah, just under the staircase.
McKay: [McKay jiggles the handcuffs; Flagg unlocks them and follows as McKay walks to the staircase] You gonna hold my hand?
McKay: [McKay walks into the bathroom and looks around. He pulls the chain on the toilet, which flushes] I'll be damned.

McKay: Waco!
[holds his right hand over his gun, challenging Waco]
Waco: You got style, McKay; I'll give you that much.
McKay: [Waco shoots first and wounds McKay. McKay pivots, fires, and kills Waco] I thought I could beat 'im.
Flagg: You beat him.

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Facts about

Burt Kennedy:  ["Fight!"]  At the beginning of the fight scene, someone (in this case, an uncredited Richard Farnsworth) looks directly at the camera and yells, "Fight!"
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