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The Golf Specialist (1930) was a Comedy - Comedy Film directed by Monte Brice and produced by Lou Brock.

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The Golf Specialist (1930, Monte Brice)

on Sep 20, 2011 From The Stop Button

The Golf Specialist has a very odd beginning. W.C. Fields doesn?t even show up for almost three minutes (significant in a twenty minute short); instead the film follows Shirley Grey as the house detective?s wandering wife. It?s a set-up for later, but it?s an odd way to start. The short?s only got t... Read full article

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J. Effingham Bellweather: Don't stand there! Don't you know I'll smite you in the sconce with this truncheon?

Little Girl: Hey, mister!
J. Effingham Bellweather: [with his back toward her] Uh, hello, little boy. I'm...
Little Girl: Would you give me a dollar?
J. Effingham Bellweather: [without turning around] Oh, it's a little girl.
[turning around]
J. Effingham Bellweather: Hello, little girl. How old are you?
Little Girl: Five years old!
J. Effingham Bellweather: Five years old?
Little Girl: [grasping a box] Would you give me a dollar to put in my bank?
J. Effingham Bellweather: I'll give you a dollar to put in your bank if you'll sing me a song.
Little Girl: Give me the dollar first!
J. Effingham Bellweather: Ah, you're more than five! Go on, get out of here!

J. Effingham Bellweather: [discovering his caddy with a pie] Fancy bringing a pie to the golf course! A pint yes, but a pie never!

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Facts about

The film makes reference to an invention that was very new in 1930. W.C. Fields' character asks the hotel clerk: "Any telegrams? Cablegrams? Radio? Television?"
The picture of Bellweather on the wanted poster shows Fields in costume for his "Fatal Glass of Beer" sketch. It obviously is taken from a stage presentation of the well-tried routine as the comedian would not film it until 1933.
According to the wanted poster among the offenses that Bellweather has committed are "Eating spaghetti in public" and "Telling the facts of life to an Indian."
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Also directed by Monte Brice

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Also produced by Lou Brock

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Also released in 1930

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