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The Giant Claw (1957) was a Fantasy - Horror Film directed by Fred F. Sears and produced by Sam Katzman.

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Classics of the Corn: The Giant Claw (1957)

By Lindsey on May 23, 2015 From The Motion Pictures

Some B-movies are dull, some are hilariously bad, and some walk the line between “so-bad-it’s-good” and brilliant. The Giant Claw belongs to that last type — incredibly?corny, and at the same time 100% enjoyable. The film opens with some paranoid narration about how the world... Read full article

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Lt. Gen. Edward Considine: It's hard to come up with answers when you don't even know what the question is.

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The producers originally planned to use a stop-motion model created by Ray Harryhausen for the bird. However, due to budgetary limitations they were forced to use a marionette.
In an interview, star Jeff Morrow said that neither he nor anyone on the film saw the title "monster" until they went to the film's premiere in Morrow's home town. It turned out that producer Sam Katzman had contracted with a low-budget model-maker in Mexico City to construct the "Giant Claw" and no one in the cast or crew had any idea it would come out looking as bizarre and, frankly, laughable as it did. Morrow said that the audience roared with laughter every time the "monster" made an appearance, and he wound up slinking in embarrassment out of the theater before the film was over so that no one who knew him would recognize him.
The poster artists were purportedly not shown the puppet nor any other artwork from the film's production and concluded that the monster was a giant eagle or hawk. Thus, the creature in the posters looks nothing like the beast in the film.
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Also directed by Fred F. Sears

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Also produced by Sam Katzman

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Also released in 1957

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