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The FBI Story (1959) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by Mervyn LeRoy and produced by Mervyn LeRoy.

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John Michael Hardesty: [Opening narration] Webster's International Dictionary defines murder as the unlawful taking of human life by another human being. On a November evening in 1955 the definition became obsolete. A mass murder was being planned.

Lucy Ann Hardesty: Chip, you can't just get married like ordering a ham sandwich!
John Michael Hardesty: You can if you're hungry!

John Michael Hardesty: On Sunday morning he left the house. He couldn't be going to work. Since he was a Communist, we knew he wasn't going to church.

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Security checks were performed on all those involved on the film's production.
Two FBI agents were on the set at all times.
The scene in the film in which J. Edgar Hoover "personally" arrested Alvin Carpis has since been debunked as a myth created by Hoover himself. In 1936, Hoover had gone before the Senate Appropriations Commitee to get more funds to continue to build the FBI. A Senator asked Hoover if he'd ever personally made an arrest. Hoover kept trying to dodge the question but was eventually forced to answer that he hadn't (he'd joined the bureau as an Assistant Director and was promoted through the bureaucracy without ever having served in the field). Embarassed by the hearings, Hoover made it a point to follow the case of Karpis, the last of the high-profile 1930s-era bank robbers. According to Karpis himself in his autobiography "Public Enemy Number One: The Alvin Karpis Story", as he was leaving the hotel to get into his car, he was surrounded by nearly a dozen well-armed agents who forced him out of the car. As he stood there being patted down for weapons, he noticed two men peering around the corner. An agent noticed what Karpis was looking at and said, "It's okay, Chief. We got 'im." Then Hoover and his assistant, 'Clyde Tolson' (who makes a cameo appearance in the film in the same scene as Hoover) came out and Hoover dramatically showed Karpis his badge, declaring, "Karpis, you're under arrest!
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Also directed by Mervyn LeRoy

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Also produced by Mervyn LeRoy

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