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The Duel at Silver Creek Overview:

The Duel at Silver Creek (1952) was a Action - Crime Film directed by Don Siegel and produced by Ross Hunter and Leonard Goldstein.

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Marshal Lightning Tyrone: Just a minute! I'm probably wasting my breath, but I'm going to give you some advice. Get out of town pronto. Get yourself a job and quit poker. Poker is a man's game.
Luke Cromwell - The Silver Kid: I can take care of myself.
Marshal Lightning Tyrone: Oh sure, I know your fast with your guns, but sooner or later you'll meet a man that's faster or that doesn't fight square and then you're off to Boot Hill. No, you're bucking a sucker's game, Kid. You can't beat it.
Luke Cromwell - The Silver Kid: I guess that's good advice, Marshal, but I ain't takin' it. Besides, how to handle a six-gun and poker is all I know.

Tinhorn Burgess: [to Silver] When are you gonna start shavin', kid?

Johnny Sombrero: I'm reformed, but my friend here isn't. His name is Blake from Tombstone... and he don't like marshals.
Marshal Lightning Tyrone: Maybe there's a good reason why you don't like marshals.
Rat Face Blake: None of 'em lived long enough for us to get acquainted.
Marshal Lightning Tyrone: You've been meeting the wrong kind of marshals.

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Also directed by Don Siegel

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Also produced by Ross Hunter

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Also released in 1952

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