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The Devil's Brother (1933) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Hal Roach and Charley Rogers and produced by Hal Roach.

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Ollio: I'm not afraid of poverty.
Stanlio: But I am.

Stanlio: Why don't we start at the top?
Ollio: Whatya mean?
Stanlio: Well, why don't we become bandits? Then we wouldn't have to work hard anymore. Let's get it the easy way. We could rob the rich and give them to the poor, and we could have all...
Ollio: [Interrupting him] That's the first time you've shown any intelligence.
Stanlio: Well, it's the first time you've listened to me. You know if you listened to me, in a while you'd be a lot better off.
Ollio: I guess you're right. Tell me that plan again.
Stanlio: [Bewildered] All of it?
Ollio: Certainly, certainly!
Stanlio: Well, if we became rich and we robbed the poor and gave them to the bandits and... we could start at the top, and we'd get to the bottom without working hard anymore. We can't go wrong. It's the law of conversation.
Ollio: What do you mean?
Stanlio: Well, as ye cast your bread on the waters, so shall ye reap.
Ollio: That's very well thought out!

Stanlio: [after being robbed of all his savings] Oh, well, come easy, go easy - that's my motto.

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In a 1957 radio interview, Stan Laurel said he considered this to be one of the best of the comedy team's movies.
"Fra Diavolo" represented a dream project for Hal Roach, who had seen the play as a boy. The fact that the play's rights were in public domain was an added incentive to the producer.
Contrary to popular belief and what has been reported in filmographies for years, Wilfred Lucas' scenes as Alessandro have, in fact, not been deleted from the film. In the DVD commentary by Leonard Maltin and Richard Bann, they point out Lucas' role briefly in the opening scene as one of Diavolo's conspirators, hidden behind a false set of whiskers that has kept him from being identified by viewers for years, including in Bann's earlier filmography published in the book "Laurel and Hardy".
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