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The Desperadoes Overview:

The Desperadoes (1943) was a Romance - Western Film directed by Charles Vidor and produced by Harry Joe Brown.

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The Desperadoes ( 1943 )

By The Metzinger Sisters on Jan 27, 2017 From Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers

Columbia Pictures, being a poverty-row film studio for many years, was a little bit behind its rival studios throughout the 1930s and 1940s. They did not really make it into the big league until the mid-1930s when they began outputting some truly entertaining screwballs such as It Happened One Night... Read full article

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Judge Cameron: ...Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Well, gents, there's twelve of you, and it takes twelve to make a jury. Now we got two men here to hang. But we are going to do it by the law. Hank, you be foreman.
Hank: Huh? Oh, all right, judge.
Judge Cameron: Lift your right hand. Do you solemnly swar to put the law on them bank robbers, so help ya?
Hank: I do.
Judge Cameron: That's the stuff, Hank! Now wait a minute, we got to have a little evidence... but very little!

Judge Cameron: Why I aim to give Red Valley a couple hangings that they'll be proud of in days to come.

Sheriff Steve Upton: Are you sure you can't remember anything about him, Allison?
Allison McLeod: Yes, Steve. The way I remember him, he couldn't come out last in a gunfight. He seems awful quick, Steve.
Sheriff Steve Upton: Did you ever see how fast I can duck?

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Facts about

Charles King is listed as a cast member in a modern source, but he was not seen in the film.
This was Columbia's first Technicolor feature.
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