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The Cocoanuts (1929) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Robert Florey and Joseph Santley and produced by Jesse L. Lasky, Walter Wanger and Monta Bell.

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The Cocoanuts (1929, Robert Florey and Joseph Santley)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Jul 7, 2018 From The Stop Button

The only stand-out sequence in The Cocoanuts comes at the end, when Chico is playing the piano. One of the directors?or both of them?finally had a good instinct and cut to a close-up of Chico?s hands playing. It overrides the first shot of the piano playing, which doesn?t show Chico?s hands at all a... Read full article

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Hammer: [to Margaret Dumont] An empty bungalow just for you and me, where we could bill and cow - no, we could bull and cow...

Bob Adams: Oh Mr. Hammer, there's a man outside wants to see you with a black mustache.
Hammer: Tell him I've got one.

Hammer: [on phone] You want to know where you can get a hold of Mrs. Potter? I don't know, she's awfully ticklish.

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Although Irving Berlin didn't produce a hit song for this show, it wasn't his fault. Berlin wrote his perennial classic "Always" for this score and submitted it to the show's author George S. Kaufman, who admitted he knew little about music. Kaufman commented that he disliked the opening line 'I'll be loving you, Always" given the numerous stories about men leaving their wives for younger women. He suggested that Berlin use the line "I'll be loving you, Thursday". Although the suggestion was made in jest, Berlin pulled the song and gave it to his wife as a present. The substitute song "A Little Bungalow" was not very successful.
During the "Why a duck?" sequence, it seems that Groucho almost calls Chico "Ravelli", which is Chico's character in Animal Crackers. Since they were shooting The Cocoanuts in the morning and acting in Animal Crackers at night, this mix up is understandable.
All paper used as props is soaking wet. This was done to prevent overloading the early sound equipment with paper-crinkling noise.
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Daring Darleen Candlewick
Also directed by Robert Florey

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Also produced by Jesse L. Lasky

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Also released in 1929

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