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The Bridge at Remagen (1969) was a Action - Drama Film directed by John Guillermin and produced by David L. Wolper.

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Lt. Phil Hartman: How do you know Stadt Meckenheim isn't crawling with Germans? What if they unload on us?
Major Barnes: Then we'll know, won't we, Lieutenant?

Major Paul Kreuger: I understand the Russians are at the Elbe.
Gen. von Brock: Yes.
Major Paul Kreuger: And here?
Gen. von Brock: Worse. Utter confusion. Every day I get orders to attack with divisions that no longer exist. Hitler still thinks he's winning the war.
Major Paul Kreuger: The Army helped bring Hitler into power. Are you saying we made a mistake?

Major Paul Kreuger: [to General von Brock over the phone asking for reinforcements] Herr General, your regrets will not save the bridge. The two panzer battalions might.

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The producers were granted the right to blow up large parts of the town of Most, but they decided not to blow up the local communist party headquarters building, in order not to cause trouble with the Russians who were already preparing to invade Czechoslovakia during the filming in 1968.
Filming in Czechoslovakia was interrupted by the Soviet invasion of August 1968. Cast and crew were taken to safety in a convoy of 28 taxis, except for Robert Logan, who stayed behind with film gear in order to capture the invasion on film and photo. The movie was completed in Italy and Austria.
According to the book 'The United Artists Story' by Ronald Bergan, "The Bridge at Remagen was the last bridge standing over the Rhine River in 1945, which both German and American forces fought to control."
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