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The Big Snooze (1946) was a Animation - Family Film directed by Robert Clampett .

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Bugs Bunny: Let's see. What can I do to this guy next...?
[reads from a book titled One Thousand and One Arabian Nightmares]
Bugs Bunny: Oh, no! It's too gruesome!... but I'll do it.

Bugs Bunny: [trying to convince Elmer not to leave] No. No, doc. You can't do this to me. Think of what we've been to each other. Why, we've been like... like Rabbit and Costello, Damon and Runyan...
[tugs at Elmer's pants]
Bugs Bunny: Stan and Laurel...!
[rips them off accidentally and puts them back on]
Bugs Bunny: You can't do this, I tell ya. You don't want to break up the act, do ya?
[aside to audience]
Bugs Bunny: Bette Davis is going to hate me for this.
[back to Elmer]
Bugs Bunny: Think of your career.
[turns back to audience, shocked]
Bugs Bunny: And for that matter, think of my career.
[breaks down in tears]

Elmer Fudd: Zillions and twillions of wabbits! Where are they all coming from?
Bugs Bunny: [at an adding machine] From me, Doc. I'm multiplying, see? I'm multiplying!

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Facts about

The opening sequence, in which Bugs traps Elmer inside a log and rolls it toward a cliff each time Elmer tries to exit, reuses the animation from the 1941 Tex Avery cartoon All This and Rabbit Stew. Instead of Elmer, though, the previous film features a black hunter chasing Bugs. Elmer was simply drawn in over the animation of the black hunter, right down to the same body poses and facial expressions. This has confused a number of people into thinking the former film was completely re-done with Elmer, whereas it's only the one scene.
Elmer tears up his contract with Warners and leaves. This cartoon was also the last made by Robert Clampett before he left Warners, though there were some others in the pipeline that came out later.
In the sequence where Bugs ties Elmer to the railroad tracks and pretends to run him over with a train, Elmer's cries of "Oh, agony, agony, agony!" are provided by Mel Blanc instead of Arthur Q. Bryan.
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