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The Bat Whispers Overview:

The Bat Whispers (1930) was a Crime - Thriller/Suspense Film directed by Roland West .

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Quotes from

Cornelia van Gorder: Now what on Earth are you doing?
Lizzie Allen: I'm setting a bear trap for the Bat, incase he decides to come flying around here.
[throws a trap on a chain out the window]
Lizzie Allen: And I've got the other end fastened to the bed.

Dale Van Gorder: Auntie... That painting moved!

Cornelia van Gorder: [Anderson picks up a gun after Fleming is killed] Why that's my revolver!
Detective Anderson: [inspects it] One shot fired.
Cornelia van Gorder: I fired that shot myself last night.
Detective Anderson: Nice try, Miss Van Gorder, but I'm placing your niece under arrest for the murder of Courtleigh Fleming.
Cornelia van Gorder: You can't arrest her without a coroner's verdict, and you'll have to wait on Dr. Vanrees for that.
Detective Anderson: Miss Van Gorder, when I find a need to make an arrest, I'll make it! And I won't wait for any coroner's verdict.

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Facts about

The special effects were shot in 35mm. Process photography techniques, not optical printing, was used to make the 65mm negatives of this footage.
Alledgedly the movie that inspired Bob Kane to create Batman.
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