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The Bat (1959) was a Horror - Thriller/Suspense Film directed by Crane Wilbur .

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The Bat ( 1959 )

By The Metzinger Sisters on Apr 17, 2020 From Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers

"When it flies, someone dies!" Mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder ( Agnes Moorehead ) has just rented a secluded country estate known as "the Oaks" and finds herself involved in a real-life mystery when she learns that one million dollars has been stolen from the local bank and the loot is believe... Read full article

The Bat (1959)

By John Grant on Apr 8, 2020 From Noirish

US / 80 minutes / bw / Liberty Pictures, Allied Artists Dir & Scr: Crane Wilbur Pr: C.J. Tevlin Story: The Bat (1920 play) by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood Cine: Joseph Biroc Cast: Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead, Gavin Gordon, John Sutton, Lenita Lane, Elaine Edwards, Darla Hood, John ... Read full article

Day 29 of Noirvember: The Battling Bogarts

By shadowsandsatin on Nov 29, 2017 From Shadows and Satin

The beginning. Every film noir lover knows about the era?s favorite couple, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. They?re like shadowy elegant royalty, with almost a dozen noir credits between them.?But before Bacall, there was Mayo ? Mayo Methot, that is, Humphrey Bogart?s third wife, to whom he was m... Read full article

Batman (1943, Lambert Hillyer), Chapter 2: The Bat’s Cave

By Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 6, 2017 From The Stop Button

While the resolution to the previous chapter?s cliffhanger is extremely lackluster, The Bat?s Cave sort of recovers as it goes along. It just has to get through Batman Lewis Wilson terrifying butler William Austin with the radioactive laser gun. Then it?s time for villain J. Carol Naish to order the... Read full article

Summer Camp Week 7: The Bat (1959)

By Summer Reeves on Jul 20, 2015 From Serendipitous Anachronisms

Summer Camp Week 7: The Bat (1959) 20 Monday Jul 2015 Posted by Summer Reeves in 1950s, Camp/Kitsch, Comedy, Horror, Mystery ≈ 3 Comments Tags1950s, Animals, Comedy, Horror, Nepotism, Summer Camp Series My Darling Kitschy Campers, C... Read full article

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Cornelia van Gorder: [reading newspaper headline] Mr. Fleming will be laid to rest in his family's tomb on Monday.
Lizzie Allen: And I hope he stays there.
Cornelia van Gorder: Well why shouldn't he?
Lizzie Allen: This is his house, and ever since he died, some funny things have happened here.
Cornelia van Gorder: For instance?
Lizzie Allen: The housekeeper, the cook and the butler said that they heard strange noises at night, and the upstairs maid swore she met a man without a face coming up the back stairs.
Cornelia van Gorder: Oh so that's why they quit and left me to run this place without a staff.
Lizzie Allen: They didn't tell you, Miss Gordy, but the truth is they were scared to stay.
Cornelia van Gorder: But you're still here, Lizzie! Haven't you seen anything?
Lizzie Allen: No... no and even if I had, I ain't afraid of ghosts. They're afraid of me! Honest, Miss Gordy, a spiritualist once told me that ghosts was allergic to me.
[Cornelia Van Gorder laughs]
Lizzie Allen: But, but this bat fella they keep talking about in the paper - I - I think he'd be different.
Cornelia van Gorder: No, I don't think you'd have the same effect on him.
[thunder crashes]
Cornelia van Gorder: Oh dear!
Lizzie Allen: What are they trying to do, drive people away from this part of the country?
Cornelia van Gorder: Why? What does it say about the Bat?
Lizzie Allen: His specialty seems to be killing women, my goodness, two of them in one night, all his victims died the same way, like their throats had been ripped open with steel claws.
Cornelia van Gorder: That's charming, I'll have to try it some time.
[Lizzie stares at her weird]
Cornelia van Gorder: In a book.

Cornelia van Gorder: This is the Oaks, a house in the country which I've rented for the summer. As an author I write tales of mystery and murder, but the things that have happened in this house are far more fantastic than any book I've ever had published.

Cornelia van Gorder: [about Warner] Now there's a character.
Dr. Malcolm Wells: How long did you say he worked for you as chauffer?
Cornelia van Gorder: About three months.
Dr. Malcolm Wells: Well I hope he doesn't have a police record.

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Her role as Judy became the final on-screen feature film role for former child star Darla Hood of Our Gang/Little Rascals fame.
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