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The Ballad of Josie (1967) was a Comedy - Western Film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and produced by Martin Melcher.

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Jason Meredith: You know, it takes money, capital, brains and sweat to raise cattle, but any idiot with a two-bit dog and a Winchester can raise sheep.

Jason Meredith: If I had thought about it, we would have stopped to eat north of the deadline.
Josie Minick: The what?
Jason Meredith: The deadline. We passed it about ten minutes back. Sheep to the south, cattle to the north.
Josie Minick: I don't know anything about a deadline.
Jason Meredith: Well, there's nothing complicated about it. You see, the cowmen opened up this territory and then the sheepmen tried to move in. Well, we had quite a debate. We burned a lot of powder and a lot of lead and we buried a few. And then finally we drew a line across the southeast section of the state. And the sheep stay on one side and the cattle on the other.

Josie Minick: Speed won't matter. I'm counting on surprise.
Simpson, General Store Owner: Oh, they'll be expecting it. You put a woman in pants, the rest is bound to follow.

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Doris Day wrote in her 1975 autobiography that this was one of the films that she did not want to do but was forced to do because her husband/manager Martin Melcher had power of attorney and signed her for it without her knowledge or consent. She called this a "second rate television western" that required her to get up at four-thirty every morning. However, she did enjoy the camaraderie of the cast members.
William Talman's final movie role.
David Hartman's first movie role.
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Also directed by Andrew McLaglen

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Also produced by Martin Melcher

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Also released in 1967

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