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The Animal Kingdom (1932) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by George Cukor and Edward H. Griffith and produced by David O. Selznick.

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Pre-Code Crazy: The Animal Kingdom (1932)

By shadowsandsatin on Jun 3, 2018 From Shadows and Satin

Harding, Howard, and Loy I think I?ve made it clear on these pages that I?m a big Ann Harding fan. Her performances in Double Harness and When Ladies Meet rate among my all-time favorites. And she delivers again in my Pre-Code pick for this month, The Animal Kingdom (1932), co-starring Leslie Howard... Read full article

Neglected Post Theatre: The Animal Kingdom, or Fie, Society

By David on Nov 30, 2013 From The Man on the Flying Trapeze

On this edition of Neglected Post Theatre, we take a look at Philip Barry's "The Animal Kingdom," wherein Leslie Howard is married to Myrna Loy but tempted by Ann Harding.... Read full article

The Animal Kingdom (1932) (2)

By Angela on Nov 9, 2013 From Hollywood Revue

Tom Collier (Leslie Howard) is a publisher who has lived out of wedlock with his good friend Daisy (Ann Harding) for quite some time. But while she is away on business, Tom decides to marry Cecilia (Myrna Loy).? When Daisy returns, he swears to Cecilia that any romantic feelings that he and Daisy mi... Read full article

"The Animal Kingdom," or Fie, Society

By David on Dec 8, 2012 From The Man on the Flying Trapeze

To steal a line from his best-known work, "The Philadelphia Story," Philip Barry's plays were often about "the privileged class enjoying its privileges." But they also showed the other side of the coin: how easy it was to lose your self-respect -- and yourself, for that matter -- by getting caught u... Read full article

The Animal Kingdom (1932) (1)

By Lindsey on Sep 16, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

Always beautiful Myrna Loy gets to show off her catty, controlling side as Tom’s wife, Cecelia, in 1932′s The Animal Kingdom. (Image via Dr. Macro) Tom Collier (Leslie Howard) is a man stuck between two ladies. Daisy (Ann Harding) is an artist, and the two have plenty of fun together. On... Read full article

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Quotes from

Daisy Sage: Behold, the bridegroom cometh. And no oil for my lamp, as usual. A foolish virgin me. Oh, foolish anyway.

Tom Collier: [Holding Cecilia's hands and admiring her] Oh, Cee darling, what a marvellous object you are.
[They kiss]
Tom Collier: Oh, I feel good.
Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: So do I.
Tom Collier: Do you?
Tom Collier: [Ogling her from head to foot]
Tom Collier: I love you, Cee.
Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: Stop it, Tom. You're embarrassing me.
Tom Collier: Why?
Cecilia 'Cee' Henry Collier: I feel quite naked.

Grace: Well, I guess I'd better be barging along, as they say. I, er, I am sure it's getting cold by the minute.
Tom Collier: Yes, it's almost cold enough to... You know, I, I think we'd best bring in the brass monkeys tonight, don't you?

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Facts about

Leslie Howard, William Gargan and Ilka Chase originated the roles in New York when the play opened on 12 January 1932 at the Broadhurst Theater and ran for 183 performances.
The film flopped with the Depression-era audience as a whole. The movie ended up $110,000 in the red.
George Cukor directed additional scenes after original director Edward H. Griffith left the picture.
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Also directed by Edward H. Griffith

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Also produced by David O. Selznick

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Also released in 1932

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