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Terror in the Haunted House (1958) was a Horror - Mystery Film directed by Harold Daniels and produced by Taggart Casey and Michael Miller.

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Terror in the Haunted House (1958)

By Lindsey on Jun 10, 2015 From The Motion Pictures

Sheila Wayne (Cathy O’Donnell) was born in the United States?but has lived in Switzerland for most of her life. She’s recently married an American man named Philip Justin (Gerald Mohr), and the two are soon returning to the United States?to start their lives together. (Image via St. John... Read full article

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Quotes from

[last lines]
Philip Tierney: Come on, honey.

[first lines]
Sheila Wayne: Did I go up the stairs this time, doctor?

[opening narration]
Sheila Wayne: And then through the branches of the old trees I see the house again. It sits there waiting for me. Silent, malignant. A place of unspeakable horror. There is no one there now. On a mailbox beside the driveway, I can make out the name of the people who lived there once: Tierney. But the Tierneys must have all gone away a long time ago. And the house stands like a moldering tombstone to a world that died. There is an old-fashioned knocker on the door. An unseen hand always opens the door for me. I always go up the shadowy stairway as if I know exactly where to find the answer to what has drawn me here. It's behind a little unmarked door. And some unearthly power swings it open to receive me. I look up that narrow, dusty stairway, and for a moment that is so brief, so filled with terror that my mind cannot hold onto it, I know why I had to come to this place.

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Facts about

Marketed as the first film in "Psycho-Rama...Using subliminal communication!" Subliminal images include single-frame flashes of a devil face, goggle-eyed face with rat in mouth, skull, and cobra head, and messages like "Get Ready to Scream!"
This film has been heavily sampled in Evanescence's earlier albums and EPs, such as "Understanding" on the "Evanescence EP" and most notably on "Origin" on the album "Origin".
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Also directed by Harold Daniels

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Also released in 1958

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