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Summer Magic (1963) was a Comedy - Family Film directed by James Neilson and produced by Walt Disney and Ron Miller.

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Summer Magic ( 1963 )

By The Metzinger Sisters on Jun 24, 2017 From Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers

Kate Douglas Wiggin's popular 1911 novel "Mother Carey's Chickens" was an ideal bit of literary property for Walt Disney Studios. It featured genteel characters, old-fashioned humor, a sweet story line, and a healthy dose of gaps in the plot ideal for musical intervals. The story centered around a ... Read full article

Summer Magic (1963)

on Sep 26, 2014 From Journeys in Classic Film

Summer might be over but there’s still magic to be found in cinema. Summer Magic was originally planned as a vehicle for Disney darling Annette Funicello, but the success of starlet Hayley Mills made her too irresistible to pass up for this Meet Me in St. Louis throwback. A heartwarming tale o... Read full article

Musical Monday: “Summer Magic” (1963)

on Jul 15, 2013 From Comet Over Hollywood

It?s no secret that the Hollywood Comet loves musicals. In 2010, I revealed I had seen 400 movie musicals over the course of eight years. Now that number is over 500. To celebrate and share this musical love, I?m starting a weekly feature about musicals. This week?s musical: Summer Magic?(1964) &#... Read full article

Summer Magic: Burl Ives Invites You to the Ugly Bug Ball

By Rick29 on Jul 11, 2012 From Classic Film & TV Cafe

It's more of an ensemble film thansuggested by the poster! Hayley Mills' fourth Walt Disney picture was a footnote in both her career and the Disney filmography for many years. Certainly, it pales in comparison to stellar Disney-Hayley collaborations like Pollyanna and The Parent Trap. There's no s... Read full article

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Osh Popham: Tom Hamilton! Why I didn't know you for a minute! I didn't expect you'd be comin' back. Give me quite a shock.
Tom Hamilton: I just drove by the yellow house. There are some people out there.
Osh Popham: Yes, they're lovely folks named the Careys. They've been living there.
Tom Hamilton: How long they been living there?
Osh Popham: Oh, uh, not long. Wonderful folks, the Careys. You'll love them. They put in a new chain pump for that old wooden one.
Tom Hamilton: Who gave them permission to live there?
Osh Popham: Well, uh, you did.
Tom Hamilton: I did? Oh no, I never even heard of them! Why didn't you write?
Osh Popham: Well, I did. I wrote you every week and kept you abreast of everything that was happening.
Tom Hamilton: Well, I didn't get any letters.
Osh Popham: Well, you see, I never mailed them. I didn't know how you'd take the situation. You see, here were these folks who needed a house, and they fell plum in love with yours, and I let 'em have it. Wrote you all about it. Put 'em up here, where Mariah wasn't likely to be lookin'. Here are the letters, the ones I wrote and the ones Nancy Carey wrote. Hers are on top. I wrote you because Mariah was a-naggin' me. Nancy Carey wrote hers out of a grateful young heart. I hope you'll read hers before you make up your mind what to do.

Osh Popham: That's my daughter, Lallie Joy. She'd be more like me, only her ma won't let her.
Peter Carey: [climbing a tree] Look at me, Mother, look at me! Whee!
Osh Popham: That must be the rickety baby.
Nancy Carey: Oh, Mr. Popham, about that letter. I wrote it, and - oh, I don't know how to begin.
Osh Popham: Well, Nancy, the way I figure it is this world's the only one we got till we move on to the next one, and there ain't nothin' wrong with tellin' somethin' that's a might off from the truth to make it more interestin'.

Nancy Carey: We can't afford that horrible little house? Oh, Mother, that's wonderful! Mother, do you remember after Father - well, you remember how we all made ourselves feel better by talking about the things that had been fun with him? And the best thing we thought of was that time we were all in Maine.
Margaret Carey: And we saw the yellow house in Beulah.
Nancy Carey: And we peered into the windows, and wasn't it wonderful? And nobody lived there!
Gilly Carey: Hey, that was years ago. You're wild.
Peter Carey: I remember it.
Gilly Carey: You weren't even born!
Nancy Carey: Well, Mother, a few weeks ago, I decided to try and find out about that yellow house. So I wrote to the postmaster in Beulah, and he answered! His name is Ossium Popham - isn't it a beautiful name?

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Originally planned as a vehicle for Annette Funicello.
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