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Song of the South (1946) was a Animation - Family Film directed by Wilfred Jackson and Harve Foster and produced by Walt Disney and Perce Pearce.

Academy Awards 1947 --- Ceremony Number 20 (source: AMPAS)

Best Music - ScoringDaniele Amfitheatrof, Paul J. Smith, Charles WolcottNominated
Best Music - SongMusic by Allie Wrubel; Lyrics by Ray GilbertWon
Special AwardTo James Baskett for his able and heart-warming characterization of Uncle Remus, friend and story teller to the children of the world in Walt Disney's Song of the South.Won

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By Bernardo Villela on Jan 18, 2015 From The Movie Rat

Is This Really Contrary to Popular Opinion, or Why Choose Song of the South In the course of this brief examination of Song of the South I hope that the only mea culpa I have to write is about the fact that my enjoying this film is not a minority view. Usually, when I?ve seen discussion about the fi... Read full article

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Quotes from

Uncle Remus: You can't run away from trouble. There ain't no place that far.

[Brer Rabbit has gotten himself entangled in the messy tar that was the Tar Baby, and Brer Fox and Brer Bear dance around him victoriously]
Uncle Remus: [narrating] Well, sir, you ain't never seen nobody that had humble-come-tumbledness down as fine as what Brer Rabbit had it then. Poor little critter, he learned a powerful lesson. But he learned it too late. But it just goes to show what comes of mixin' up with somethin' you got no business with in the first place. And don't you never forget it.

Uncle Remus: Appears to me like you's figurin' on goin' someplace.
Johnny: I am, and nobody's gonna stop me.
Uncle Remus: Well, now, if that don't bang my time. You know, I was just figurin' on somethin' like that myself. How'd you like ol' Uncle Remus to go along with you?
[They start to go off together]
Uncle Remus: Now, let's see now. Where is we figurin' on goin'? How can we be goin' someplace if we don't know where we's goin'?
Johnny: I'm going to Atlanta.
Uncle Remus: Hmm, powerful long walk to Atlanta. Is you brung some grub?
Johnny: No.
Uncle Remus: Well, now... if we ain't got no grub, we sure can't get very far.

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Facts about

In an article titled, "Disney's Laughin' Place" by Frank Stephenson, we read that, "Following its debut, the NAACP registered its official displeasure of what it called the film's 'racial stereotyping' a charge echoed by the National Urban League."
When "Splash Mountain", an amusement ride based on the film, "Song of the South" opened in Disneyland in the '90's, the local NAACP and others protested the ride.
Part of this movie is on DVD in the USA. Extensive clips can be found on the Alice in Wonderland Un-Anniversary Edition DVD (2010), in the special feature One Hour in Wonderland.
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Best Music - Song Oscar 1947

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