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Sirocco (1951) was a Drama - Action Film directed by Curtis Bernhardt and produced by Robert Lord and Henry S. Kesler.

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Sirocco – 1951

By Bogart Fan on Mar 16, 2014 From The Bogie Film Blog

My Review —Not as Casablanca-ish as You?ve Been Told— Your Bogie Film Fix: out of 5 Bogies! Director: Curtis Bernhardt The Lowdown A black market gun dealer (Bogart) sells weapons and ammo to the Syrians as they revolt against their French occupiers in 1925, only to fall in love with ... Read full article

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Gen. LaSalle: Why don't you say it? Go ahead and say it. This hostage business makes you want to vomit.
Col. Feroud: On the contrary, General, I think it's an excellent idea, as far as it goes. But why shoot only five hostages? Why not ten, or even twenty for every soldier killed? In no time at all, you can have the whole population of Damascus lined up against the walls and you've ended all resistance.

Harry Smith: [to Violette] I've got a pass. I'm going to Cairo. You still want to go along? Oh, I can't show you as good a time as I could before because I'm broke. The French took all my money, but don't worry. As long as it keeps getting dark, I can always get some.

Harry Smith: You look like the kind of fella who might be married.
Major Jean Leon: Yes. Matter of fact, I just celebrated a wedding anniversary.
Harry Smith: Any kids?
Major Jean Leon: Just one. A boy.
Harry Smith: You gonna send him to St. Cyr?
Major Jean Leon: Yes, if he wants to be a soldier.
Harry Smith: That's fine. He'll follow in your footsteps. That's great. It's a great life. Nothing like handing it down to a bunch of kids. They'd break your neck if they knew what was coming.

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According to actor Jamie Farr, the movie debuted on Saturday night at the Rivoli in his home town of Toledo. Most of Toledo's Arab-American community turned out to see it. As a scene where Bogart walks though a crowded bazaar begins to fade, an Arab voice is heard shouting, "Ya hallah deen bayak!" which caused most of the audience to collapse in laughter. The non-Arabs in the house did not understand why everyone else was laughing until the line was translated for them: "Goddamn your father!"
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Also directed by Curtis Bernhardt

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Also produced by Robert Lord

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Also released in 1951

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