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Shopworn (1932) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Nick Grinde and produced by Harry Cohn.

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Shopworn (1932)

By Lindsey on Jul 28, 2012 From The Motion Pictures

Kitty Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) is a poor waitress from what is commonly referred to as the wrong side of the tracks, but she’s a perfectly respectable and honest lady. Kitty finds herself falling for David (Regis Toomey), a college student from a stuffy upper-class family. Though their backgrou... Read full article

Pre- code: Shopworn(1932)

By Dawn on Jul 21, 2012 From Noir and Chick Flicks

Pre-Code, romantic drama. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Clara Blandick and Regis Toomey. A good-hearted girl from the wrong side of the tracks Kitty Lane and wealthy David Livingston, fall in love. His hypochondriac mother Helen, does everything she can to break them up. First she has Judge Forbes, try to... Read full article

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Kitty Lane: [to her Uncle Fred, who runs a greasy spoon] Your thoughts are just like your kitchen ... dirty.

Judge Forbes: [trying to bribe Kitty to give David up] I thought you'd prefer cash. Five thousand dollars. Merely for leaving town, immediately.
Kitty Lane: [She looks down at the bills in his hand, and slowly raises her head with a look of anger and contempt in her eyes.] What are you trying to make of me--what you wish I was? Something cheap and common, something that money can buy?
[her anger rising]
Kitty Lane: Well, you can't. Nobody can! You and the nice, decent people who sent you here are the real cheap ones ... trying to put a price on something there isn't any price for.
[almost hysterical now]
Kitty Lane: If that's being decent, I'm glad I'm common!
[crying and screaming]
Kitty Lane: If that's being rich, I'm glad I'm cheap, and I'm gonna stay cheap! Because no matter how cheap I am, I'm not for sale!
[She throws the money in his face and runs out.]

Kitty Lane: I hope you'll be interested in my collection of etchings, or whatever it is they hang on the walls here...

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Facts about

Even the original movie in 1932 had sequences deleted in Columbia's attempt to gain a seal of approval from the Hays office. Variety noted, in their revue of 5 April 1932, that there were sections "that do not blend into the story smoothly, sequences that hang in the air lacking background and significance as though passages depending on them had been deleted."
After a full screen newspaper headline that reads "KITTY LANE NAMED IN DIVORCE SUIT" we see Barbara Stanwyck holding a different newspaper that reads "FATAL FALL CLIMAXES FATAL DIVORCE RAID" but no mention is made of such an incident at any time, so this must have been one of the deleted sequences.
The print shown on Turner Classic Movies, from Sony's archives, displays title credits which were modernized and re-designed in 1938 for a re-release that took place only after several minutes worth of deletions were made to meet the standards of the Production Code, which was more rigorously enforced starting in 1934.
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Also directed by Nick Grinde

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Also produced by Harry Cohn

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