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Sheriff of Tombstone (1941) was a Western - Comedy Film directed by Joseph Kane and produced by Joseph Kane.

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Brett Starr: Good mornin'! I didn't expect to see you here, Miss, ah...
Mary Carson: Carson! I live here.
Granny Carson: It's never a good mornin' for sheriffs on the Carson claim. Now git and git fast!
Brett Starr: I'm not only Sheriff, ma'am, but I aim to be a peace officer.
Granny Carson: Then why are you hidin' behind that shotgun? And why is that old goat hidin' behind them moth-eaten whiskers?
Judge Gabby Whittaker: Madam, I'll have you know that this hirsute is free of habitation.
Granny Carson: Why don't you buy yourself a snood?
Judge Gabby Whittaker: This old wildcat's as bad as Sal. Now keep your shirt on! I mean... don't get yourself in a tizzle.

Brett Starr: [Brett and Gabby confront three men stealing dresses from Mary's shop] Hey, hasn't a lady got any rights around here?
Clay brother, Jed Crowley, Clay brother: Huh?
Saloon boss: Well, I'll tell you, stranger, it's every man *and* woman for himself here. We ain't had a sheriff in a month!

[first lines]
[Shotgun Cassidy barges out of the telegraph office with a message in his hand]
Brett Starr: It must be important, Cassidy. Now if you could only read it...
Shotgun Cassidy: You keep your pryin' nose out of my business.
Brett Starr: That's what I'm doin'. I'm goin' to retire officially now.
Shotgun Cassidy: Yeah? Well, I'm retirin' myself. Leastways I'm leavin' town.
Brett Starr: Me, too. Dodge City's goin' to be kind of lonesome without us.
Shotgun Cassidy: I'll be glad to take a partin' shot at you to liven things up!
Brett Starr: When I go into shootin' just to take the quiet out of the air, Cassidy, I'll look you up.

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