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Scarlet Street (1945) was a Drama - Film Noir Film directed by Fritz Lang and produced by Walter Wanger and Fritz Lang.

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A walk down "Scarlet Street" with Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea

By Stephen Reginald on Jul 1, 2020 From Classic Movie Man

A walk down "Scarlet Street" with Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea Scarlet Street (1945) is a film noir directed by Fritz Lang, produced by Walter Wanger, cinematography by Milton Krasner, and starring Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea. With the critical and bo... Read full article

Review: Scarlet Street (1945)

By 4 Star Film Fan on Jun 10, 2019 From 4 Star Films

Scarlet Street is an obvious reunion picture bringing together Fritz Lang, Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennet and Dan Duryea among others from the prior year. Dudley Nichols’ story, while taking elements from La Chienne, which had already been made into a film by French master Jean Renoir in 1931... Read full article

DOUBLE BILL #5: Woman in the Window (1944) and Scarlet Street (1945)

By Carol Martinheira on Aug 10, 2017 From The Old Hollywood Garden

DOUBLE BILL #5: Woman in the Window (1944) and Scarlet Street (1945) On August 10, 2017August 10, 2017 By CarolIn Uncategorized For a brief period of time, four of Hollywood?s biggest stars got together and formed one of the most constantly overlooked partnerships in m... Read full article

1001 Classic Movies: Scarlet Street

By Amanda Garrett on Aug 1, 2016 From Old Hollywood Films

Scarlet Street (1945), starring Joan Bennett and Edward G. Robinson, is one of the 1001 classic movies you should see. Each Monday, I'm going to recommend a classic movie you should see (for the reasons behind the 1001 series and reviews of earlier films covered go here). August's theme coincides... Read full article

Scarlet Street (1945)

By Beatrice on Dec 18, 2014 From Flickers in Time

Scarlet Street Directed by Fritz Lang Written by Dudley Nichols from the novel and play “La Chienne” by Georges de la Fouchardi?re and Andr? Mou?zy-?on 1945/USA Fritz Lang Productions/Diana Production Company Repeat viewing/YouTube No matter what The Book?says, this is one of Fritz ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Kitty March: How long does it take you to paint a picture?
Christopher Cross: Sometimes a day, sometimes a year. You can't tell. It has to grow.
Kitty March: I never knew paint could grow.
Christopher Cross: Feeling grows. You know, that's the important thing, feeling. You take me. No one ever taught me how to draw, so I just put a line around what I feel when I look at things.
Kitty March: Yeah I see.
Christopher Cross: It's like falling in love I guess. You know... first you see someone, then it keeps growing, until you can't think of anyone else.
Kitty March: That's interesting.
Christopher Cross: The way I think of things, that all art is. Every painting, if it's any good, is a love affair.
Kitty March: I never heard anyone talk like that before.
Christopher Cross: There aren't many people you can talk to this way. So you keep it to yourself. You walk around with everything bottled up.

Johnny Prince: Can't you get those Lazy Legs off that couch, baby?

Christopher Cross: Hey, did you read this?
Adele Cross: Read what?
Christopher Cross: This murder in Queens. A man killed his wife with the window weight, put her body in the trunk, shipped her to California. It says here...
Adele Cross: I've read the paper, thank you. He didn't get away with it, did he? He'll go to the chair, as he should.
Christopher Cross: Yeah, a man hasn't got a chance with these New York detectives.

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Twelve paintings done for the film by John Decker were sent to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for exhibition in March of 1946.
Is the first of two remakes Fritz Lang made of Jean Renoir's films. While "La Chienne" (1931) inspired "Scarlet Street" (1945), "La BĂȘte Humaine" (1938) inspired "Human Desire" (1954). Notoriously, Renoir disliked both.
Director Fritz Lang and the three of the stars (Edward G. Robinson Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea) also made the similarly themed 'The Woman in the Window (1944)'
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