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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Overview:

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Karel Reisz and produced by Tony Richardson and Harry Saltzman.

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Brenda: Somebody told me the other day they'd seen you coming out of the pictures with a young girl.
Arthur Seaton: It's a bloody lie then.
Brenda: Do you think I'm daft Arthur? I can tell you don't go on me as much as you used to .
Arthur Seaton: That isn't true Brenda, you know I like you a lot.
Brenda: I know you, I can see that a mile off.
Arthur Seaton: Not my fault if you don't believe me, is it?
Brenda: You know the trouble with you, you don't know the difference between right and rong, and I don't think you ever will.
Arthur Seaton: Maybe I won't, but I don't want anybody to teach me either.
Brenda: You'll learn one day.
Arthur Seaton: We'll see, but it's now that matters isn't it, we've still got to clear this mess up.

Arthur Seaton: I dunno, work next week. I'll be hard at it, sweating me guts out at that lathe. It's a hard life if you don't weaken.

Arthur Seaton: I take a tip from the fishes, never bite unless the bait's good. I won't get married till I'm good and ready.

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The censors were not too keen on the scene where Arthur wakes up on Sunday morning in bed with his mistress as the scene directly implies extra-marital sex, a notable first for British cinema.
At the end of the film, Arthur and Doreen are sitting on a grassy bank overlooking a building site where an estate of new houses is being built. This was a film set built especially for the film in Wembley, London, by Nottingham builders Simms Sons & Cooke.
Diana Dors declined the role of Brenda that went to Rachel Roberts.
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Also directed by Karel Reisz

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