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Samson and Delilah (1949) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Cecil B. DeMille and produced by Cecil B. DeMille.

The film was based on the The Bible The Book of Judges from & novel "Judge and Fool" by Vladimir Jabotinsky written by unknown author published in 6th century BCE.

Academy Awards 1950 --- Ceremony Number 23 (source: AMPAS)

Best Art DirectionArt Direction: Hans Dreier, Walter Tyler; Set Decoration: Sam Comer, Ray MoyerWon
Best CinematographyGeorge BarnesNominated
Best Costume DesignEdith Head, Dorothy Jeakins, Elois Jenssen, Gile Steele, Gwen WakelingWon
Best Music - ScoringVictor YoungNominated

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Samson and Delilah

By RBuccicone on Dec 27, 2010 From MacGuffin Movies

Samson and Delilah (1950) ???? Biblical tales typically fail to grab my interest, probably primarily because the time period does not interest me. And frankly, I should probably stop using George Sanders as a guidepost for which movies I pursue. Samson and Delilah was alright, and Hedy Lamarr?thorou... Read full article

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Quotes from

Samson: The oldest trick in the world. Silk trap, baited with a woman.
Delilah: You know a better bait, Samson? Men *always* respond.

Samson: What is sweeter than honey?
Semadar: What is stronger than a lion?

Samson: You came to this house as wedding guests. Fire and death are your gifts to my bride. For all that I do against you now, I shall be blameless. I'll give you back fire for fire, and death for death!

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Facts about

For the scene in which Samson kills the lion, Victor Mature refused to wrestle a tame movie lion. Told by director Cecil B. DeMille that the lion had no teeth, Mature replied, "I don't want to be gummed to death, either." The scene shows a stunt man wrestling the tame lion, intercut with closeups of Mature wrestling a lion skin.
Victor Mature won the role of Samson over Burt Lancaster, who had a bad back and was considered too young. Henry Wilcoxon was considered, but thought to be too old.
It took two tries to bring down the Temple of Dagon in the film's climactic sequence. During the first time, some of the dynamite charges in the miniature temple failed to go off on schedule. The temple (about one-third full size) had to be rebuilt, and the second attempt was more successful. Footage from both tries can be seen in the completed film: when the statue of Dagon starts to fall, there is a cut to the Saran saying "Delilah," then a cut back to a long shot of the statue hitting the ground, but at a slightly different angle from that of the previous shot.
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Best Costume Design Oscar 1950

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