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Sailor Beware (1952) was a Comedy - Musical Film directed by Hal Walker and produced by Hal B. Wallis.

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Melvin Jones: Why, I was fighting Gene Tierney once, and...
Al Crowthers: Wait a minute! Don't you mean Gene Tunney?
Melvin Jones: [shouts] You fight who you want, I'll fight who I want!

Hilda Jones: Everybody should donate to the blood bank. What type are you?
Melvin Jones: Oh, the quiet type. I go to bed at nine o'clock, see a movie now and then, read some books, play checkers...
Hilda Jones: No! I mean what kind of blood have you?
Melvin Jones: Red.

Melvin Jones: Excuse me, handsome.
CPO Lardoski: Where do you get that handsome stuff?
Melvin Jones: Didn't I hear that man call you a pretty officer?
CPO Lardoski: [Growling] He said, "Petty officer."
[Melvin sticks his tongue out at him behind his back]

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When Corinne Calvet shows disdain for the advances of the sailors in the nightclub, the manager mentions that she was enamored with the club's former crooner who sang "Moonlight Becomes You," and suggests that Dean Martin's character's singing style might be a successful substitute. "Moonlight Becomes You" was a Bing Crosby standard, and Martin consciously tried to imitate Crosby early in his career.
The boxing scene was "written" by Jerry Lewis, who demanded an extra $50,000 for it, which he then donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
James Dean has an uncredited part as the boxing opponent's second.
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Daring Darleen Candlewick
Also directed by Hal Walker

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Also produced by Hal B. Wallis

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Also released in 1952

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