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Prince Valiant (1954) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Henry Hathaway and produced by Robert L. Jacks.

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Sir Gawain: You turned out to be flinging rocks like any lowborn ruffian. Why I've never been unhorsed by such a scurvy trick!

Sir Gawain: Stop interrupting and I'll tell you what happened. After you left I went out after you. That's when I came upon the black knight.
Prince Valiant: You found him?
Sir Gawain: Aye. He was searchin' the wood when I challenged him. We fought and he was good. His lance broke and I outhorsed him. I came in to finish him, when a dozen armed men came charging out at me.
Prince Valiant: They were on foot? Armed with bows?
Sir Gawain: Aye. It was only with luck I escaped through a hail of arrows.
Prince Valiant: So did I!
Sir Gawain: You what?
Prince Valiant: I was set upon by a band of archers, escaped with an arrow in my back.
Sir Gawain: Where was Sir Brack?
Prince Valiant: I don't know. I was nearly captured where he told me to wait for him. Now he says he went back to find me and found no one. Isn't that strange sir?
Sir Gawain: What do you imply?
Prince Valiant: It's hard to put into words, sir, but could it be that he covets King Arthur's throne more than anyone knows?
Sir Gawain: Sir Brack. A foul suspicion, Val. Unworthy of you.
Prince Valiant: Yes, I suppose it is unworthy.
Sir Gawain: Sir Brack may have been born on the wrong side of the blanket, but he's a Knight of the Round Table, sworn to pledge allegiance to our King, and to defend justice, the weak and the helpless.
Prince Valiant: I'm sorry, sir.

Sir Gawain: If you're King Aguar's son, why did you fling that rock?
Prince Valiant: I thought you were the knight that was after me.
Sir Gawain: What knight?
Prince Valiant: All I saw was his black armor.
Sir Gawain: The Black Knight? You saw him?
Prince Valiant: I near had his lance in my back. Who is he?
Sir Gawain: A ghost.
Prince Valiant: Oh, ghosts don't chase a man in daylight.
Sir Gawain: Right.

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Alnwick Castle in Northumberland served as Camelot in all of the master shots while Warwick Castle was used for the main gate and courtyard. Although Alnwick is brown sandstone and Warwick is pale grey stone, carefully placed cameras and lighting masked the difference in shadows.
Richard Webb also played Sir Galahad in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
The average shot length of this film is about 7 seconds. This is fast for an early CinemaScope film, and is low given the 8 - 11 second average of most Hollywood films made between 1930 and 1960.
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