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Prescription: Murder (1968) was a Crime - Drama Film directed by Richard Irving and produced by Jerrold Freedman and Richard Irving.

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Burt Gordon: I don't think I have to remind you that this could be... quite the little feather in your cap. Wrap it up and everybody's happy. Lieutenant?
Lt. Columbo: Um, yeah, I'm sorry. I was, uh, I was just thinking about something.
Burt Gordon: What was that?
Lt. Columbo: No, it's nothing important. It's, uh, Dr. Flemming, he didn't call to his wife when he came back to his apartment.
Burt Gordon: I don't follow you.
Lt. Columbo: Oh, well, I was in the bedroom. I was checking some things, and I heard him open the front door, and he didn't say anything, and... gee, it's funny how people are different, isn't it? Now you take myself, when I come home from a trip, uh, the first thing I do is I say, "Honey, you here?"
Burt Gordon: Exactly what is your point, Lieutenant?
Lt. Columbo: Point? Oh, I wasn't making a point.
Burt Gordon: It sounded to me as if you were. You heard the man admit that he had an argument with his wife. He probably still had a chip on his shoulder this morning.
Lt. Columbo: I was only tryin' to...
Burt Gordon: Lieutenant, I have already told you that Dr. Flemming is a close, personal friend of mine. Now I hope he's not going to be annoyed by a lot of tactless remarks, especially at a time like this.
Lt. Columbo: Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Gordon. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it.

Carol Flemming: Six months ago, I gave you a choice. Between me and your... oh, how shall I put it? Extracurricular activity.
Dr. Ray Flemming: I made that choice.
Carol Flemming: I wanted a husband in fact, not just in appearance. If you refused I'd divorce you.
Dr. Ray Flemming: There was a catch to that, as I recall.
Carol Flemming: Well, naturally, you don't think I'm going to make it easy for you? I'd create as much scandal as I possibly could for you and ruin your practice entirely.
Dr. Ray Flemming: Aside from taking every penny that I've got.
Carol Flemming: Those were my terms! You accepted them... until tonight.

Dr. Ray Flemming: Well, what is it? Tell me!
Lt. Columbo: Well, um, somebody broke in here and tried to kill her.
Dr. Ray Flemming: [Flemming feigns shock for a moment when the words register] "Tried" to kill her?
Lt. Columbo: That's right, Doctor. She's lucky she's still alive.
Dr. Ray Flemming: [feigning relief] She's still alive! Well, where is she now? Is she conscious? Has she been able to say anything?
Lt. Columbo: Well, I'm afraid not. She's been in a coma.
Dr. Ray Flemming: Well, what's her condition right now? Oh, come on, I must know the truth!
Lt. Columbo: It's not very good, Doctor. We only hope she comes to long enough to be able to talk to us.

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Facts about

The role of Lt. Columbo was offered to Lee J. Cobb, but he had to decline due to a clash in scheduling.
Bing Crosby was also offered the role of Columbo, but didn't accept it because he felt that it would interfere with his golfing.
Originally written as a Broadway play, the production was out of town bound for Broadway in 1962 when Thomas Mitchell (who was playing Columbo) died. The production closed and the script was later reworked for television. This film, which established Peter Falk as the definitive Lt. Columbo, was adapted from the 1962 play by the same authors. The play in turn had been adapted from Enough Rope, in which Bert Freed originated the role of Columbo.
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