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Pardon My Pups (1934) was a Short Films - Comedy Film directed by Charles Lamont .

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Sonny Rogers: It'll only get underfoot and chew things up!
Mr. Rogers: But not for long! A spaniel's so smart, he can be trained in no time. Why, before he's a year old, I'll be able to take him on hunting trips. That is, uh, if you're willing to spare him, son.
Mary Lou Rogers: Why don't you just buy him for yourself, Daddy? You're the one that wants him.

Mrs. Rogers: Mary Lou, what are you doing? You'll get soaked!
Mary Lou Rogers: [playing in the rain] I won't, Mother, just my clothes!
Mrs. Rogers: Those children... and that includes you.
Mr. Rogers: What have I done?
Mrs. Rogers: Ever since you heard of those Vanderpool pups, our dinner table's been a regular battlefield.
Mr. Rogers: And it's going to stop. I'm not going to tolerate any more of Sonny's nonsense. Wait till you see Queenie, and you'll know why I'm so crazy to have - I mean, for Sonny to have one of her pups.

Harry Vanderpool: I'm afraid I have some bad news, Mr. Rogers. They'll be no pup for you. Queenie ran away.
Mr. Rogers: What?
Harry Vanderpool: She jumped out of our trainer's car.
Mary Lou Rogers: Sonny found a dog under the bridge. She's gonna have pups.
Harry Vanderpool: Let me see her, I'll bet it's Queenie! What's the matter?
Mr. Rogers: Sonny took her out to be destroyed.
Harry Vanderpool: What? Destroyed?
Mary Lou Rogers: Yes, Daddy made him take her to the pound.

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Also directed by Charles Lamont

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