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Our Little Girl (1935) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by John S. Robertson .

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Rolfe Brent: You know, Don, I have too much time to play, and maybe you haven't enough.
Dr. Donald Middleton: Oh, I have all I want. Elsa can represent me in the sporting world.
Rolfe Brent: Well, if I had such a charming representative, I'd retire to the sidelines, too.
Dr. Donald Middleton: You playboys are the ones who are really on the sidelines.

Sarah Boynton: Now that we've gotten positive results from the cultures, I'm sure you'll be able to prove your entire theory.
Dr. Donald Middleton: If I only can, it'll mean the beginning of a whole new treatment.
Sarah Boynton: And don't worry about things while you're away.
Dr. Donald Middleton: What do you mean? Why should I?
Sarah Boynton: Oh, uh, I meant about the patients. I'm sure I'll be able to take care of them in your absence.
Dr. Donald Middleton: I know I can always count on you, Boynton.

Rolfe Brent: Look here, why don't the two of you come and go riding with me sometime?
Dr. Donald Middleton: Thanks, Brent. Mrs. Middleton might. The only thing I ride is that old bus of mine. It bounces just as much, but it doesn't bite.
Rolfe Brent: How about you, Mrs. Middleton?
Elsa Middleton: Oh, I haven't ridden in years. I don't know if I could.
Rolfe Brent: Oh, of course you could. You used to be great.
Molly Middleton: Of course you could, Mommy. You just get on them and go.
Dr. Donald Middleton: But don't you let her take any of those jumps until she's all set.
Rolfe Brent: You can trust me, Doctor. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, Mrs. Middleton, around ten o'clock?
Dr. Donald Middleton: She'll get a big kick out of it.
Molly Middleton: She doesn't want to get kicked, Daddy.

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The studio thought that this film's original title, "Heaven's Gate," sounded too much like a cemetery and changed it to "Our Little Girl."
Warren Hymer filmed scenes as Mr. Tramp; those scenes were re-shot by J. Farrell MacDonald after principal photography was completed. Herbert Mundin and Doris Nolan are in some production charts as performers in the movie; Mundin was not seen in the movie, but lesser known Nolan may have some role.
Joel McCrea nicknamed Shirley Temple "Butch" while they were filming this movie.
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Also directed by John S. Robertson

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Also released in 1935

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