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Oh, Mr Porter! (1937) was a Black-and-white - Comedy Film directed by Marcel Varnel and produced by Edward Black.

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Signalman: [wanting to know if he can let a train through] Can I stick me signals up?
William Porter: Yes, if it'll give you any pleasure.

William Porter: Albert. Who's Albert?
Jeremiah Harbottle: He comes in for me when I'm not here.
William Porter: Well, which is his clock?
Jeremiah Harbottle: [Jerry puts William's clock on the mantelpiece] He hasn't got a clock. He's still alive.
William Porter: [snatching clock] Hey, give me that back!
Jeremiah Harbottle: What? Aren't you go to put it with the others?
William Porter: What, amongst them? They're a lot of tombstones!

[William Porter is wheel-tapping a train]
Managing director's wife: You may think me a little stupid but why do they tap them?
William Porter: Well, you see madam, it's like this. If I tap the wheel with this hammer and the wheel goes clang, then I know that the wheel's there.
Managing director: But supposing that the wheel doesn't go clang?
William Porter: Well, then I know that the train's gone!

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Facts about

The railway going through Buggleskelly was actually the old Basingstoke to Alton line in Hampshire which closed in 1932.
The 'driver's cab view' along the track at the beginning of the film was actually filmed by hanging a camera out of the end of the train, then showing the resulting footage backwards: this is why the train appears to be engaging in 'wrong-track' running throughout this section!
"Gladstone" was loaned by the Kent and East Sussex Railway.
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