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Objective, Burma! Overview:

Objective, Burma! (1945) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Raoul Walsh and produced by Jack L. Warner and Jerry Wald.

Academy Awards 1945 --- Ceremony Number 18 (source: AMPAS)

Best Film EditingGeorge AmyNominated
Best Music - ScoringFranz WaxmanNominated
Best WritingAlvah BessieNominated

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Quotes from

Mark Williams: Why didn't you join the Navy?
Capt. Nelson: I can walk better than I can swim, brother.

Capt. Nelson: [Seeing Gabby putting stagnant water in his canteen and getting ready to drink it] Hey, do you want to get sick? Where's your purifying tablets?
Cpl. Gabby Gordon: I lost them when we made that last river crossing.
[Nelson gives him some of his]
Cpl. Gabby Gordon: They'll remember me in history. Gabby Gordon: the guy who purified all the stinkin' rivers in Burma!

Mark Williams: What if my parachute doesn't open?
Capt. Nelson: Then you'll be the first one on the ground.

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Facts about

The movie was pulled from release in Britain after just one week. It was banned there after heated protest from British veterans groups and the military establishment. As the Burma campaign was a predominantly British and Australian operation, the picture was taken as a national insult due to the movie's Americanization of the Burma operation. The resentment that many felt was seen as yet another example of Americans believing they had won the war singlehandedly. It was not shown in Britain again until 1952/1953 and then with an apology disclaimer. Incidentally, writer Lester Cole, who co-wrote the somewhat overly patriotic flag-waving script, would be branded an "Un-American" Communist, becoming one of the Hollywood Ten just a few years later.
'Vinegar Joe' Stilwell was commander of the US forces in the China-Burma-India Theatre and is portrayed in the movie by Erville Anderson.
This was remade as Distant Drums with Gary Cooper , Richard Webb and Arthur Hunnicutt circa 1950 and set in the Florida Everglades.
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Best Writing Oscar 1945

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