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Objective, Burma! (1945) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Raoul Walsh and produced by Jack L. Warner and Jerry Wald.

Academy Awards 1945 --- Ceremony Number 18 (source: AMPAS)

Best Film EditingGeorge AmyNominated
Best Music - ScoringFranz WaxmanNominated
Best WritingAlvah BessieNominated

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Col. J. Carter: [Pessimistically looking at aerial reconnaisance photos] Supply bundles lying where they were dropped. Three dead men to play host to every fly in Burma.

Mark Williams: [Aghast and outraged at the atrocities] Hey, I've been a newspaperman for thirty years. I thought I'd seen or read about everything that one man can do to another from the torture chambers of the Middle Ages to the gang wars and lynchings of the day. But this... this is different! This was done in cold blood... by people who... who claim to be civilized. Civilzed? They're degenerate immoral idiots! Stinkin' little savages! Wipe 'em out, I say! Wipe 'em out! Wipe 'em off the face of the Earth! Wipe 'em off the face of the earth!
[Walking offscreen]
Mark Williams: The bastards! God!

Pvt. Nebraska Hooper: It's sure peaceful so far.
Cpl. Gabby Gordon: That's the way I like it... peaceful. I already said when I starved to death, I want it to be peaceful.

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Facts about

According to actor William Prince, the only direction given by Raoul Walsh was, "All right, boys, no Hamlets in the jungle."
'Wingate and Cochran' are Major General Orde Wingate, commander of the Indian 77th Brigade, and Colonel Phillip Cochran of the 1st Air Commando Group (US Army Air Force).
Errol Flynn was criticized for playing heroes in World War II movies. Tony Thomas in his book 'Errol Flynn: The Spy Who Never Was' states that Flynn had tried to enlist in every branch of any armed services he could but was rejected as unfit for service on the grounds of his health. Flynn had a heart condition, tuberculosis, malaria and a back problem. Flynn felt he could contribute to America's war effort by appearing in such films as Edge of Darkness; Northern Pursuit; Dive Bomber, Objective, Burma!, and Uncertain Glory. Reportedly, Flynn was at his most professional and co-operative he ever was whilst working on Second World War movies. The studios apparently did not diffuse the criticism of Flynn's state-of-health as they wished to keep it quiet for fear of his box-office draw waning.
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Best Writing Oscar 1945

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