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Now and Forever (1934) was a Drama - Romance Film directed by Henry Hathaway and produced by Louis D. Lighton.

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Now and Forever (1934)

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Now and Forever Directed by Henry Hathaway 1934/USA Paramount Pictures First viewing Gary Cooper pays con man Jerry Day who travels the world one step ahead of the law with his wife Toni (Carole Lombard). ?In China, he announces that he has a child and is going to sign her over to his ex-brother-i... Read full article

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Quotes from

Toni Carstairs Day: If I want you, I'll have to take you as you are. I don't like it, Jerry, but I've been without you for a long time and I like that less. I know what I want and I don't get it, so I'm gonna do the next best thing. I'm gonna sell goldmines and chase trains with you for as long as you want me. If the trains wind up in rather ugly places, that's all right, too. We'll both be there togehter.
Jerry Day: Well, that wins. I guess I'm gonna get a job now. I guess I'll be anything you want, Toni, if you love me that much.

Uncle George: Think of that child.
Jerry Day: I am.

Penelope Day: Did you steal that necklace? You must answer.
Jerry Day: Oh.
Penelope Day: Well?
Jerry Day: Well what, dear?
Penelope Day: Well, you must answer. Did you steal that necklace?
Jerry Day: No, I didn't steal it.
Penelope Day: Honor bright?
Jerry Day: You're a funny one.
Penelope Day: No, you must answer. That's the whole point. Honor bright?
Jerry Day: Honor bright.

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Facts about

Shirley Temple memorized every line of dialogue in this movie, and whenever Gary Cooper forgot or fumbled his lines, Temple prompted him, much to Cooper's annoyance.
In the scene in which Penny bursts into tears after finding the stolen necklace, Shirley Temple's tears were genuine. Just before filming the scene, Temple learned that her friend Dorothy Dell (her co-star in Little Miss Marker) had been killed in a car crash. Because of Temple's affection for Dell, the news was kept from her for as long as possible.
Gary Cooper nicknamed Shirley Temple "Wiggle-Britches" while they were filming this movie.
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Also directed by Henry Hathaway

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Also produced by Louis D. Lighton

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Also released in 1934

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