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Nothing Sacred Overview:

Nothing Sacred (1937) was a Comedy - Drama Film directed by William A. Wellman and produced by David O. Selznick.

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Nada ? Sagrado / Nothing Sacred (1937)

By L? on Sep 7, 2015 From Critica Retro

Nada ? Sagrado / Nothing Sacred (1937) Em 1927, William A. Wellman dirigiu “Asas”, famoso por ter sido o primeiro ganhador da hist?ria do Oscar de Melhor Filme. Dez anos depois, Wellman trabalhava para David O. Selznick, que tinha ambi??es multicoloridas naquele ano de 1937. Foi o... Read full article

Nothing Sacred: When Carole Lombard Was Pretending That She Was Pretending

By The Wonderful World of Cinema on May 14, 2015 From The Wonderful World of Cinema

I hadn’t written anything about Carole Lombard yet. The point is,as I am writing this, I haven’t seen many of her films . However, I’m discovering this actress with a great pleasure and enjoyed her acting in all those three films: To Be or Not to Be (my favourite, and I think it... Read full article

Nothing Sacred (1937)

on Feb 27, 2015 From Journeys in Classic Film

Nothing Sacred was ahead of its time, prophesying a world where tragedy and doom were glorified by audiences. You could say that, really, the film was touching on a problem that always existed, but you can’t deny it’s an appetite that’s gone global, beyond the small town Carole Lom... Read full article

Nothing Sacred (1937)

By 4 Star Film Fan on Sep 7, 2014 From 4 Star Films

The perfect news flash has just come up in the form of a woman who is soon going to die of radium poisoning, and so Wally Cook goes to meet her. Heading up from New York, he ends in the one horse town in Vermont. He meets a lot of unoblidging people whose vocabulary is limited to “Yup” a... Read full article

Nothing Sacred (1937, William A. Wellman)

By Andrew Wickliffe on Aug 13, 2014 From The Stop Button

Nothing Sacred is an idea in search of a script. It?s a little surprisingly they went forward with Ben Hecht?s script, which plays like he wrote it on a bunch of napkins and left director Wellman to piece together a narrative. Fredric March?who has shockingly little to do in the film?is a newspaper ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Dr. Enoch Downer: [Speaking to Wally Cook] You're a newspaperman. I can smell 'em. I've always been able to smell 'em. Excuse me while I open the window?

[last lines]
Dr. Enoch Downer: Hazel! Hazel!
Hazel Flagg: Yes, Enoch? What is it?
Dr. Enoch Downer: Hazel! Hazel! Run for your life! Run for your life! The hotel is flooded!

Wally Cook: For good clean fun, there's nothing like a wake.
Hazel Flagg: Oh please, let's not talk shop.

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Facts about

After one fight scene with Fredric March, Carole Lombard had to take the following day off to recuperate from her scratches and bruises. To discourage March's attentions, she invited him to her dressing room one night; after preliminary fumbling, March discovered to his disgust that she was wearing a rubber dildo. He never bothered her again.
This was Carole Lombard's only Technicolor film.
French visa # 2576
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Also directed by William A. Wellman

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Also produced by David O. Selznick

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