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Northwest Passage Overview:

Northwest Passage (1940) was a Adventure - Drama Film directed by W.S. Van Dyke and Jack Conway and produced by Hunt Stromberg.

Academy Awards 1940 --- Ceremony Number 13 (source: AMPAS)

Best CinematographySidney Wagner, William V. SkallNominated

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Quotes from

Langdon Towne: [Slapping at mosquitoes as they walk through wetlands] Mosquitoes don't bite you, do they?
Hunk Marriner: Nope.
Langdon Towne: You put something on that keeps them off?
Hunk Marriner: Rancid bear grease. They hate the stink worse than I do.
Langdon Towne: [Smelling some of the bear grease that Hunk offers him] thanks. I'll take the mosquitoes.

[last lines]
Elizabeth Browne: [standing alongside Langdon Towne as Major Robert Rogers and his rangers march into the distance] Is there, Langdon? Is there a Northwest Passage?
Langdon Towne: Who knows.
Langdon Towne: It's every man's dream to find a short route to his heart's desire. If the major dreams long enough, he'll find it.
Elizabeth Browne: Will we hear from him?
Langdon Towne: Hear from him?
Langdon Towne: Every time we look across the river we'll hear his voice calling us through the wind. He'll be within us, Elizabeth - wherever we are or he may be - for that man will never die.

Maj. Robert Rogers: [referring to Langdon's abdominal wound] Are ypu hurt bad?
Langdon Towne: First thing I've had in my stomach in days.

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Facts about

A young Greer Garson was originally the first choice of MGM to play the alluring character of Elizabeth Towne. A scheduling conflict resulted in the character being recast and velvet-voiced Ruth Hussey being given the role.
Members of Roger's Rangers fought on the American side in the initial battles of the Revolutionary War, Lexington and Concord, in 1775.
The Bible passage that Rogers quotes "The voice of him who crieth in the wilderness... " is from Isaiah 40:3.
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Best Cinematography Oscar 1940

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