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No, No, Nanette (1940) was a Musical - Film Adaptation Film directed by Herbert Wilcox and produced by Herbert Wilcox.

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Quotes from

Mrs. Susan Smith: I've never seen such a man for bacon.
Pauline: I've never seen such bacon for a man.

Mrs. Susan Smith: Your horoscope says "Beware of 1940."

[first lines]
[Happy Jimmy Smith opens a silver dish to reveal a single slice of bacon]
Mr. 'Happy' Jimmy Smith: Pauline, what's this?
Pauline: Bacon.
Mr. 'Happy' Jimmy Smith: Well, I know that but...
Pauline: We've already had our allowance for the month.
Mr. 'Happy' Jimmy Smith: You mean...?
Pauline: Not another slice until Wednesday.

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Facts about

When Tom is following William and Nanette in a cab, he tells the cabbie to turn off the radio, which is broadcasting a horse race. The cabbie objects because he wants to know what happens to Samson and Delilah. Nine years later, Victor Mature would star in Samson and Delilah.
Though Nanette is portrayed as being a young girl/woman in dress, manner, and other characters' references to her (example: her uncle refers to her as his "little niece" on the phone), Anna Neagle, who plays Nanette, was somewhere around 36 years old during the making of this film.
In this film, Zasu Pitts plays Pauline - the same role she played in the now-lost 1930 version.
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