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Night of the Living Dead Overview:

Night of the Living Dead (1968) was a Horror - Mystery Film directed by George A. Romero and produced by Karl Hardman and Russell Streiner.

Night of the Living Dead was inducted into the National Film Registry in 1999.

BlogHub Articles:

Night of the Living Dead: Special Rifftrax Review

on Oct 25, 2013 From Journeys in Classic Film

If you’re looking for a straightforward review of Night of the Living Dead you can read it here.  This special review looks at last night’s Rifftrax Live! event reviewing the movie.  I have republished my article originally published at Cinema Sentries. George Romero’s Night of the Liv... Read full article

31 Days of Halloween – 023: Night Of The Living Dead – In 30 Seconds! With Bunnies!

By Michael on Oct 23, 2013 From Durnmoose Movie Musings

October marches on, and so does our countdown to All Hallows Eve. This year, rather than trying to do a full 31 film reviews or something truly time-consuming like that, most of what I’m going to be posting are favorite trailers, short films, some full-length movies, and other items just to ki... Read full article

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

on Mar 22, 2013 From Journeys in Classic Film

I’ve seen Night of the Living Dead several times in my life, and yet watching it with an audience during my American Horror class, I noticed flaws that I couldn’t ignore.  Despite director George Romero‘s insistent comments that he didn’t intend any racial themes to emerge, t... Read full article

Night of the Living Dead

By Alyson on Oct 11, 2012 From The Best Picture Project

The first time I watched Night of the Living Dead was Halloween night when I was thirteen years old.  I had spent the evening trick-or-treating with my friends and had quite the candy haul.  After a little trading with my siblings, it was my main source of energy as I stayed up waiting for the movie... Read full article

Night of the Living Dead (1968, George A. Romero)

on Jan 19, 2011 From The Stop Button

What a lame ending. If it weren’t for the sufficiently uncanny end credits, I’d finish Night of the Living Dead thinking it was supposed to be a comedy. Actually, if it weren’t for that lame ending, I’d be starting this response much differently. Night of the Living Dead has one of the most sublime ... Read full article

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Quotes from

Johnny: There's nothing wrong with the radio. Must've been the station.

Harry Cooper: Helen! I have to get that gun!
Helen Cooper: Haven't you had ENOUGH?
Harry Cooper: Look, two people are already dead on account of that guy! Take a look out that window!

[Tom has just brought Judy up from the basement]
Harry Cooper: You gonna let them get her too, huh?

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Facts about

Though the radiation of a detonated satellite returning from Venus is theorized to be the cause of the dead rising and attacking the living, according to the filmmakers, the actual cause is never determined.
When the zombies are eating the bodies in the burnt-out truck they were actually eating roast ham covered in chocolate sauce. The filmmakers joked that it was so nausea inducing that it was almost a waste of time putting the makeup on the zombies, as they ended up looking pale and sick anyway.
One of the Walter Reade Organization's publicity stunts was a $50,000 insurance policy against anyone dying from a heart attack while watching the film.
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National Film Registry

Night of the Living Dead

Released 1968
Inducted 1999

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Also directed by George A. Romero

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Also released in 1968

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