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Never So Few (1959) was a Drama - War Film directed by John Sturges and produced by Edmund Grainger.

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On Blu-ray: The Vibrant Casts of Home From the Hill (1960) and Never So Few (1959)

By KC on Sep 21, 2018 From Classic Movies

Sometimes, no matter what other elements are at play, the pure starpower of the actors onscreen dominate a film. The biggest draw of Never So Few (1959) and Home From the Hill (1960) is the unusual composition of their casts. Both have a fascinating, somewhat off-kilter mix of old and new Hollywood.... Read full article

Never So Few (1959)

By Raquel Stecher on Nov 30, -0001 From Out of the Past - A Classic Film Blog

John Sturges’ Never So Few (1959) is part WWII drama and part exotic melodrama. Inspired by true events, it follows the story of American and British troops in Burma (now Myanmar) working on an attack on the Japanese but are in turn attacked by Chinese guerrillas. The troop is led by Captain R... Read full article

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Cpl. Bill Ringa: Excuse me for saying so, sir... but you look terrible.
Capt. Tom Reynolds: Inside of my mouth tastes like the outside of a crocodile.

Gen. Chao: Do you wish to speak further with me on this subject?
Gen. Sloan: In the words of an old hymn, go to hell.

Capt. Tom Reynolds: [Being called in front of his superiors on account of the incursion into China to retaliate for the Chinese warlord's attack on the American supply detachment] I've just seen 34 American GI's with their heads blown off by Chinese troops.
Capt. Tom Reynolds: [Grabs his duffel bag and theatrically dumps its contents on the table: dog tags, wallets and other personal effects of the slain American soldiers] And I wanna' know why.
Gen. Sloan: [Reacting to the pile of dog tags etc. on the table in front of him] This is sickening.
Col. Fred Parkson: Doesn't it strike you that your actions were, to say the least, unprecedented?
Capt. Tom Reynolds: Doesn't it strike you that we're fighting a rather unprecedented kind of war? Isn't that right, general?
Gen. Sloan: Well, it has its bad moments. But in the long run...
Capt. Tom Reynolds: I don't give a damn about the long run if it adds up to this! You can't deny what's been going on or what'll continue to go on unless something's done about it! I know I'm right about this. And if you don't know it, I pity you.

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Facts about

This movie is based on the real-life story of World War II's OSS Detachment 101. This was an OSS Operations Group designed to specialize in activities in the China-Burma-India region in collaboration with the Kachin Rangers and other Allied special operations units.
Steve McQueen's role was originally going to be played by Sammy Davis Jr.. A feud had broken out between Davis and Frank Sinatra after Davis had claimed in a radio interview that he was a greater singer than Sinatra. Sinatra demanded he be dropped from the cast, and McQueen got the part.
According to the Australian DVD sleeve notes, this was Italian Gina Lollobrigida's first movie that she made in Hollywood.
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