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Millions Like Us (1943) was a Drama - War Film directed by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat and produced by Edward Black.

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By Terry on May 29, 2019 From Stardust and Shadows

Canadians sometimes? have an inferiority complex when it comes to their military history.? Recent developments notwithstanding, we seem to be ignored in pictures? regarding the Second? World War; likely because it is simply we were seen as being under the British.? It actually may be surprising to l... Read full article

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Charters: Talking of wartime sacrifices, Caldicott - do you remember old Parterton?
Caldicott: Chap with all those rubber plantations in Malaya?
Charters: Yes, that's the fellow. Do you remember his valet, Hawkins?
Caldicott: Yes.
Charters: He's evacuated to Weston-super-Mare.
Caldicott: Really?
Charters: Parterton's simply livid. Hasn't dressed himself for 30 years.
Caldicott: What's he going to do about it?
Charters: Follow him. To Weston-super-Mare.
Caldicott: Oh, by the way, how many mines have we laid here this morning?
Charters: Erm... 86. No no, 87.
Caldicott: Sure?
Charters: Positive.
Caldicott: Hmm. We must remember not to bathe here after the war.

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The film was passed for US release by the Production Code Administration on condition the word 'hell' be deleted throughout.
Rather strangely there is a specific reference to the small, and relatively unknown, south Leicestershire town of Market Harborough. The hometown of Celia's 'first' apparent romantic encounter, a dull, odd-looking young man, poorly dressed and perhaps a little slow ('Johnathan Field (I)' - uncredited). It appears to be a running gag and the apparent hostility is essentially a mystery, although the town may have been a through-point or stop-off for commuting northern crew/cast via train. It has been suggested that it was a general dig at the rural East-midlands, rumored to have had a higher than average percentage of men unfit to fight, known for its odd-stock. On the other hand it may have been to satisfy the easily pleased audiences at hearing a familiar name to mock or otherwise.
Grandpa Jim comments that his daughter Phyllis has progressed from dating "local lads" to "the United Nations". Interestingly, although the international organization with that name did not exist until two years after the film's release, the term "United Nations' was used to describe the allied forces arrayed against the Axis Powers. FDR used the term frequently.
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