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Make Mine Music (1946) was a Animation - Family Film directed by Joshua Meador and Robert Cormack and produced by Walt Disney.

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Make Mine Music (1946)

By Kristen on Nov 17, 2012 From Journeys in Classic Film

Make Mine Music is an interesting turn in Disney‘s package films as the series from here would feature music as a connection, and inspiration for the stories presented. ?In essence, the last round of films in the package series are extensions of the Fantasia formula. ?It’s a shift away f... Read full article

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Narrator: Peter, don't just stand that way!
[the wolf leans Peter downward]
Narrator: And don't stand that way either.

[last lines]
Narrator: [Willie impaled by a harpoon by Prof. Tetti-Tatti] Now Willie will never sing at the met. But don't be too harsh on Tetti-Tatti; he just didn't understand. You see, Willie's singing was a miracle, and people aren't used to miracles.
[to Willie's seagull friend who mourns the whale's loss]
Narrator: And you, faithful little friend, don't be too sad, because miracles never really die. And somewhere in wherever heaven is reserved for creatures of the deep, Willie is still singing, in a hundred voices, each more golden than before, and he'll go on singing in a voice so cheery forever.

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In the "Casey at the Bat" segment, a sign on the stadium wall announces that the Mudville 9 are playing Burbank in the fateful game, a reference to the location of the Walt Disney studio.
One of Disney's four "Package Films". During the second World War, the studio lost a lot of manpower and resources which left them with countless unfinished ideas too long for shorts, too short for features. So, inventive as they are, they stuck short ideas together into feature length movies. See also The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Melody Time and Fun & Fancy Free.
The "Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet" segment was performed by The Andrews Sisters who also performed the "Little Toot" segment in Melody Time.
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