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Little Miss Marker (1934) was a Comedy - Family Film directed by Alexander Hall and produced by B.P. Schulberg.

Little Miss Marker was inducted into the National Film Registry in 1998.

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Little Miss Marker (1934)

By Beatrice on Apr 13, 2013 From Flickers in Time

Little Miss Marker Directed by Alexander Hall 1934/USA Paramount Pictures First viewing? Bangles Carson: Where is your mother, Marky? Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: My mommy got awfully tired, and went away. She’s never coming back anymore. Wow, this was kind of a let down after Bright E... Read full article

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Quotes from

Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: Trying to hand me mush!
Bangles Carson: Don't you like it?
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: No!
Bangles Carson: Say, "No, thank you." Say it like this: "No, thank you, Bangles. I don't care for any."
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: What for?
Bangles Carson: Well, you used to say "thank you" and "no, thank you."
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: I used to be a sissy.

Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: Dizzy, when that guy comes back for the little doll, don't you turn her over to him until you get that twenty bucks.
Dizzy Memphis: But she's gone, boss.
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: So he sneaked her out, eh? Serves me right. Every time I get big-hearted -
Regret: When was the other time?
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: Why didn't you watch her?
Regret: What am I, a nursemaid? What'd you take her as a marker for, anyway?
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: I don't know.

Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: What's the matter now?
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: You don't like me!
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: You always cry when somebody doesn't like you?
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: Yes!
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: Well, you got a lot of crying to do. Now go to sleep.
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: My mommy used to read to me about King Arthur every night before I went to sleep.
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: Now, Marky, be reasonable.
Marthy Jane, Little Miss Marker: I won't!
Sorrowful 'Sir Sorry' Jones: All right, all right.

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Facts about

One of over 700 Paramount Productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.
For the scene in which Marky is thrown from a horse, Shirley Temple was wired to an overhead crane and carefully lowered to the ground.
Dorothy Dell and Shirley Temple became good friends while filming this movie. When Dell died in a car crash shortly after the movie was completed, Temple was shielded from the news for as long as possible.
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National Film Registry

Little Miss Marker

Released 1934
Inducted 1998

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Also directed by Alexander Hall

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Also produced by B.P. Schulberg

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