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La Bataille de San Sebastian Overview:

La Bataille de San Sebastian (1968) was a Action - Adventure Film directed by Henri Verneuil and produced by Jacques Bar.

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Leon Alastray: Golden Lance, I have come to talk peace with you. Do you understand?
'Golden Lance': I understand you very well. You speak much about peace in your language, especially when the other side is stronger.
Leon Alastray: I chose to come alone. No one forced me.
'Golden Lance': Look at these rocks.
[points to the hills behind his camp]
'Golden Lance': 5,000 Yaquis were massacred here by your soldiers in the name of your god of peace. I was a child. I saw blood running down these rocks like a river.
Leon Alastray: I come in the name of no god. I come as a man who does not wish to see his village destroyed in the name of your gods.
'Golden Lance': You LIE! Your village is full of soldiers ready to kill us.
Leon Alastray: There are no soldiers in my village. If, one day, you want to come as a friend, you will be greeted as a friend. If you need food, we will share it with you. Golden Lance, I have...
[turns to white stallion]
Leon Alastray: I have brought you a gift in friendship: this horse. If you accept, there need be no bloodshed. If you refuse, let the first blood be mine.

Col. Calleja: [upon finding the village deserted] The guns go back! Men, dismount! We leave in the morning!
Leon Alastray: [later in Leon's room] Well, goodnight. Happy dreams, my son.
Col. Calleja: Goodnight. Thank you.
Leon Alastray: I suppose we are leaving before sunup?
Col. Calleja: 'We'? We leave?
Leon Alastray: Well, I must face my bishop, and you the governor.... and report OUR failure.
[feigns apathy by thumbing through a Bible]
Col. Calleja: What failure?
Leon Alastray: Our mission.
[goes back to pretending to read a Bible]
Col. Calleja: I didn't fail in my mission! I was told to proceed to the village of San Sebastian with arms & munitions: number 1. Number 2: deliver the guns to the population of San Sebastian. And number 3: return immediately to garrison headquarters upon completion of the mission. Where have I failed?
Leon Alastray: Number 2. We did not deliver the guns to the population.
Col. Calleja: But there is no one here!
Leon Alastray: Oh, that's true.
[pauses as if confused]
Leon Alastray: But the orders do not say that the population is IN the village.

Leon Alastray: [startled by a bell, Leon runs into the church] What the hell are you doing?
Father Joseph: Christians always respond to the sound of a bell.
Leon Alastray: What Christians? Rocks? Lizards, snakes?
Father Joseph: Perhaps someone's still alive. Please - you ring the bell. I am too weak.
Leon Alastray: Here, hold this.
[hands the wine bag to Father Joseph, who stuffs it into the statue of San Sebastian]
Leon Alastray: I feel stupid.
[pulls rope a few times]
Leon Alastray: Oh, that's enough!
[walks to church door]
Leon Alastray: Hey Father! Look! A Christian!
Father Joseph: [looks toward distant horizon for approaching people]
Leon Alastray: No, no.
[points to a scruffy dog in the church yard]
Leon Alastray: There.
[laughs mockingly]

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